April 2006 - 2010

All Gui Gizmos can be found in the downloadz section.
(The Leather SteamPunk beta download is below on Mon14/12/09)

Wednesday 24-11-2010

Thought for the day:

Merry Xmas Again!... =)

New Portfolio Page : For my Icons and Interfaces.

Sunday 03 -01-2010

Thought for the day:

Twenty Ten seems so far away from Twenty Nine ... =)

More Icon Sets: None of these latest icon sets are downloadable yet... I will announce when they become available.

A step away from the round theme...
The "Cut" series takes the icon Glyphs and embeds them directly into the desktop, minus the round icon. (these come in two sizes)

Cut icons

Click image above to see more complete collection of the icon set.

The "Tan" series give them a uniform colour scheme

Tan icons

Click image above to see more complete collection of the icon set.

Thursday 31 -12-2009

Thought for the day:

We are all the same age... I've been doing it for longer ... =)

More Icon Sets: Still on the Round theme... I tried removing the glassiness over the indent shapes.
Yes, I think that works.
And tried out an odd "clip" idea, as a potential folder... not sure if anyone would use that.

Click image above to see more complete collection of the icon set.

So I then built a set made of Greenstone called Pounamu .

Click image above to see more complete collection of the icon set.

And then another set of Pounamu and Paua

Click image above to see more complete collection of the icon set.



Friday 25-12-2009

Thought for the day:

Merry Xmas ... =)

More Icon Sets: Still on the Round theme... I tried adding a little more colour.

Click image above to see more complete collection of the icon set.

In the process of making these... I stumbled apon a new way to build chrome.
I use multiple layers of Styles in Photoshop. For example the above icon uses 13 layers of styles. Some of those styles will each have up to 10 effects in them, and each layer may well have a mask added as well. Multiply that by the number of icons and you're getting an idea of the size of my Photoshop files.

In the process of buliding these icons I generally have 8 Photoshop windows open at once, plus an iconographer window.
I am also juggling 8 Finder windows of icon sets.
And to add to the chaos, I also stay in touch with "the real world" by having 30 tabs running in my Firefox browser.

The new chrome I built gave me an idea.... so I made this set...

Click image above to see more complete collection of the icon set.

This Icon by the way used 17 layers ... not counting the background of course... thats another story.

Time for me to spread Xmas cheer.... Merry Christmas everyone. =)


Tuesday 22 -12-2009

Thought for the day:

And Just before Xmas ... =)

Alternative Icon Sets:
Taking the round style in a different direction.

Click image above to see more complete collection of each icon set.

Wednesday 16-12-2009

Thought for the day:

A Little on the side ... =)

Alternative Icons :
These Alt Icons are almost ready for release. (Scroll down to Mon 14 to Download the theme)

This is what they look like in use.

And this is what they look like closer up...

Monday 14 -12-2009

Thought for the day:

Xmas is coming ... =)

Beta Release :
Here is the first release of this New iPhone theme.

click the above image to download the beta version

Wednesday 11 -11-2009

Saturday 28 -11-2009

Thought for the day:

Not such a good day ... =)

Ohhh Darn! :
Is this a new idea for a new theme?.... Nope.

As you can see, I'm having a bit of a problem. It appears to be something in my Dynamic Libraries causing a crash.

The problem has been fixed.

Wednesday 11 -11-2009

Thought for the day:

The Tweeks continue ... =)

iPhone/touch themes continuing:
When plugged in, my new battery shows behind the Lock screen info


Sunday 8 -11-2009

Thought for the day:

A bit of trial and error ... =)

iPhone/touch themes continuing:
I am experimenting with some Calculator keyboards...
Trying out some subtle differences.

And yes they are all different.

Friday 6 -11-2009

Thought for the day:

I am still awake ... =)

iPhone/touch themes continuing:
It is starting to work the way it should... Although I am continually finding things that try to stump me.

Here are 3 of the 17 steps that make up my new battery for the Lockscreen.
However If I just replace the existing images without any other tweeking, they run into a reflection problem:

See... looks kinda pretty (and yes it is off centre) but it is really not meant to be cut off and reflected at the bottom like that.

(Ooops, I just spotted a flaw in the battery shadows... looks fine of course on a black background, but not so good on this one.)
..... (later today)
Fixed the reflection

Saturday 29 -10-2009

Thought for the day:

The Dragon stirs... =)

iPhone/touch themes:
At last... I am creating again...
I have an iPod touch and have discovered how to theme them.
More importantly, I am making my own and am having a ball.

They are simpler to make than the old OSX or OS9 and earlier themes / schemes, but because I am new to themeing on my ipod touch, there are some quirky little things that are still fooling me... and some images are very good at hide and seek.

My first new theme is called "Leather SteamPunk".

After studying the very cool "Gruppled" lockscreen theme...
Here is my version, designed to be used with my "Leather SteamPunk" theme.

Here is the first page of my "Leather SteamPunk" theme

And when my SBS screen pops down

while the stop watch is loading,
this appears.

This is the "Stopwatch" screen, half converted,
(The top half is fighting me so far)

This is the "World Clock " screen,
almost complete.


Some of my new icons
click to see at full size
(the extra shadow around each icon doesn't appear)

As you can see,
this is a work in progress,
but I am pleased with it so far.


Saturday 29 -04-2009

Thought for the day:

Ok... So It's been a while. I guess I should rebuild this website now.

Wednesday 11-04-2007

Thought for the day:

Time to start again

Portfolio Page

Sunday 17-09-2006

Thought for the day:

A little crippled woman has been running an endless marathon...
at last the marathon has ended.

Dragon Wife:
The dragon's wife died today at 12 mid-day.

"night night Anne"

Monday 11-09-2006

Thought for the day:

If all our dreams joined up and made sense...
would our real life become a dream?

Dragon Wife:
The dragon's wife is having an operation

Wednesday 19-04-2006

Thought for the day:

As you slide down the banister of life...
may most of the splinters point in the right direction.

Dragon Wife:
For those that are interested in how the Dragon's Wife is doing...
Today it was confirmed that the gastric cancer has spread to her bones... it has metastasised. Secondary cancer.

Tuesday 18-04-2006

Thought for the day:

Peel bananas from the other end...
prove that chimps are not more intelligent than us.

Welcome back after a long absence...

Interesting sites:


Ok, this kirchersociety is odd but interesting.

Subgenius is a religion with a difference... worth a look if you can ignore its crazy appeal.

For your secrets.

And here is the museum of hoaxes , april fools included.

Damn interesting what more can I say.

Odd but worth checking everyday... Boing boing.

joecartoon is flash and funny and always SICK!

Does anyone out there remember Topo Gigio? one of the first brilliant puppets.
Or the TeleGoons?

Ezprezzo always has funny vids and pictures.

L otsa odd videos at youtube.

More funny pictures at damn funny pictures.


Bore Me Rigid is funny but often rude.

Always new cool images here at worth1000.com

Some odd illusions
cool cartoons at whyatts.

Some odd looking buildings.

Unusual collection of skulls and other bones.

And how to turn skulls into art. ok this is a bit weird.

Chris jordan photographs.

Some seriously cool tests and puzzles here at the human mind ewww... ouch!... ummm extreme BME I list this under very odd! WARNING adults only! This is the only proven aphrodisiac... ...honestly.

Sunday 27-02-2005

Thought for the day:

If enough people believe it,
whether it is true or not, it becomes a fact.

I have created a bunch of Head icons... they seem to be multiplying on their own. I'll have to keep an eye on them. Check them out here

I was involved in a Live transmission of a multimedia Extravaganza to the Antarctic yesterday. It involved the local Sympony Orchestra, Film footage from Scott's 1911 expedition, Sir Edmund Hillary narating, TV crews everywhere, and a two way video cast live link to Scott Base.
Music performed:
Beethoven "Symphony 5 Cminor Op67"
Psathas "View from Olympus" ... (impressive piece ... Purcussion solo)
Vaughn Williams "Sinfonia Antartica" ... (unusual to have a mis-spelt title)

Wednesday 29-12-2004


The value of waterfront properties
will take a dive.

Tuesday 28-12-2004

Thought for the day:

The easiest questions...
are the ones with answers.

Personal Stuff:
Radiotherapy is complete...
A wonderfull new house has been bought opposite the "horse shoe lake"
Dragonette now has a new sister born 12 Dec. A new grand-daughter for the Dragon and wife.

Monday 20-09-2004

Thought for the day:

The trick to 'walking on water'...
Is knowing where the rocks are.

Personal Stuff:
I still haven't managed to do much GUI stuff online. It looks like looking after wife is going to take more and more time... Chemo and Radiation therapy will be starting soon.

Sunday 8-08-2004

Thought for the day:


Personal Stuff:
I have been shifting house over the last week... not such good timing considering the wifes upcoming Op on thursday.
We have been considering buying and converting a huge 'Mill' to live in... but in the meantime, we have moved into an older relocated house at the same address.
Do I feel at home yet?.... well yes... now that I Have finally got my little powerbook back online again, of course I do. =)

Tuesday 20-07-2004

Thought for the day:


Personal Stuff:
A couple of years ago, I was mentioned in Wired Magazine... as you can see here, here and here. For some reason it was believed at the time that I was a woman. I don't normally spread much news about myself on the net, but I am here now to say... "A woman I am not... and never have been."
I am clearing this up because I want to anounce some really bad news:

Recently I discovered that my wife has stomach cancer!! =(
Not good news! Here is a link to a page containing her upcoming treatment.

A book by any other Name may taste as sweet:
Something else that I have noticed recently while looking up the Dragon Tongue name:
Check out this book title... and notice the image of the front cover? Now check out this image I created over twenty years ago (as seen in my early arts section)... look similar? That's what I thought.
I was going to chat to Laura J Underwood about this... but her email seems to have my country (NZ) blocked.

Saturday 10-07-2004

Thought for the day:

Why did the chicken 'cross' the road?
because it was religious.

Busyness: Some people have suggested that I am very busy/fast pumping out Themes and Icons at the moment. I would like to suggest that I am nowhere near as busy as I was 4 years ago. Here is an example of what this site looked like in 2001. Every day was full of interesting and exciting new stuff.

Tuesday 29-06-2004

Thought for the day:

Dashboard = Konfabulator?

Icons: Sunken Balls


If you like these.

Then you will like these new icon sets.

4 Icon sets in the new Sunken Ball series:
They come in:
Blue Plastic,
Brushed Alloy,
Plastic Brass,
and Sleeved Blue

Tuesday 22-06-2004

Thought for the day:

Are we all falling through time...
or is time washing over us?

OSX Theme


Here is my third theme:
It is also still at the beta stage for now... but you can now have access to it 'pre-release'.

It comes in two variants so far.
View small preview here...
and a Large preview here.
The DT X-Anon beta 3.1 version can be downloaded here.

DT Little-Black-Book OSX Icons - system sets
I have just completed 5 multiple icon sets:


Black 2.64M ... (4 subsets)
(with 30 black, 32 blue, 39 brass, and 38 white glyphs) +10 extras. download Black

Blue 2.74M ... (4 subsets)
(with 30 black, 28 blue, 32 brass, and 31 white glyphs)
+ 6 extras, + 8 ice-blu. download Blue

Leather 1.43M ... (2 subsets)
(with 31 black, and 35 brass glyphs)
+ 7 extras. download Leather

Red 1.82M ... (3 subsets)
(with 27 black, 33 brass, and 27 white glyphs)
+6 extras. download Red

White 3.40M ... (4 subsets)
(with 44 black, 43 blue, 44 brass, 39 white)
+ 8 extras. download White

That makes a total of 17 and a half separate colour combination sets!
more than 628 icons in this Little Black Book Set!!

What else am I working on?
Take a peek in here.

Monday 31-05-2004

Thought for the day:

Time... is what you are traveling through...
when not moving.

OSX Themes:
More Themes are on the way...
(while making the Grippled Alloy and Brass paper Themes I also tinkered about with some icons)

OSX Icons:
I have two new sets of icons. They can be downloaded here:
OSX 2004 June and Brass Sphere Icons

Some of them can be previewed here:
Icons One, .. Icons Two, .. Icons Spheres.

Monday 31-05-2004

Thought for the day:

If it looks like a melon, and smells like a lemon...
then it is probably a scratch and sniff book.

OSX Themes:


Here is my second theme:
the BrassPaper3b.guiKit

It is also still at the beta stage for now... but you can now have access to it 'pre-release'.

It comes in two variants so far.

The beta 3 version can be downloaded here.
(file size is about 2.2M) (link fixed)


OSX Icons:
I've been working on some icons recently. This is what they look like:
Icons One, .. Icons Two, .. Icons Spheres.

Thursday 6-04-2004

Thought for the day:

zzzZZZzzz.... yawn... is it time to wake up again yet?
Yes!! =) Dragon Tongue is back!

Well... as you can see. I have been asleep for such a long time. Almost One and a half years! If you look down below you can see how long it has been since I last posted.

OSX Theme :
I have just created my first theme:


The Grippled Alloy Smooth (GASb3)
It is still at the beta stage for now... but you can now have access to it 'pre-release'.

It comes in four variants so far.

The beta 3 version can be downloaded here.
(file size is about 2.8M)

Dragonella :
Apologies to friends of Dragonella. She is still there, chatting to all that want to. but the link to her images have been disconnected. I will repair them soon.

Powerbook :
I have moved on from my little ibook... I am now living in a lovely 12" powerbook.

January 2003

All Gui Gizmos can be found in the downloadz section.

Sunday 19-1-2003

Thought for the day:

If the heart is an organ...
I have found me an organist!

ICQ has a nice new version... 3.2 for Mac OS9 and OSX
I have just modified it with new icons and stuff.
Here, take a peek, or download it here

Thursday 13-1-2003

Thought for the day:

The Dragon is about to smile Big Time!

new 17" powerbook ...
new iGo table for iMac

personal flying machine ... don't buy this.
personal ground transport... buy this.

Found... an old unfinished tale written by a young Dragon Tongue.
Long since thought lost to the world.
Check out the first public release of this never before seen novel.
Chapter One - Jan and Tom

Latest Schemes:
available at the latest and final NAUS

41 Anon - view - download
42 neg
- view - download

43 POS - view - download
44 Plated
- view - download
45 AnonA
- view .&. view - dwnld
46 AnonA-V2.01 - view - dwnld
47 AnonA-light
47 AnonA-grey
47 AnonA-dark
48AnonA-V2Gizmo1 - downld
49AnonA-V2Gizmo2 - downld
50 float grey 1.1 - download
51 float blu - download
52 float dark - download
53 float snow 1.1 - download

previous NAUS ...

54 float snowman 1 -
- Kilroy was here
- view - dwnld
55 CrossoverX - downld
55 Crossover - downld
56 unfloat snow - downld
57 underfloat snow - downld
58 snow - downld
59 floatRoyalGreenST - dwnld
60 float copper - downld
61 underfloat copper - downld
62 Grey - downld
63 UnderFloat Grey - downld
64 Dark - downld
65 Bitsa - downld
66 BitsaSoft - downld

the latest NAUS is now showing!

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you may use this link if you wish.
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