(Most days I add new links to any site that I find interesting)

Fri 29-9-2000

Beware of the MacOS Downloader ... it is the "666" SevenDust C Virus

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Tue, Wed, Thur 26, 27, 28-9-2000

I feel a lot better now =)

I was asked about counters for web pages... try these: Ultimate Counters

Another icon and desktop site: DropShadow and SafronGraphics

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Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon 21, 22, 23, 24, 25-9-2000

I don't seem to be very well today.... I hope to be better tomorrow...

Other than Geocities of course... I have spotted Freeservers, and WorldNet as good fast servers.

For icons and Destops and stuff.. I found a few new sites : DeskStop, ... DeskMir, ... MacOSZone ,.. Akio's, ... and iMac Kid

And NetBroadcaster for streamed videos and info

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Wed 20-9-2000

An interesting site: HolyMac

For a new game with very cool Graphics: 4x4Evolution ...

Want to find out what Sir Ian Mckellen is up to? 'Gandalf' from 'The Lord of the Rings' or the head of the X-men

And incase you haven't found this site before... here are some of the best quality icons: MOSCO

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Tue 19-9-2000

A new range of ibooks has been released!!!! and the new beta version of Mac OS X is also out!
Both shown at the new Apple Expo

The ibook has everything!... 466Mhz G3, 10G HD, Firewire, Video out, DVD rom, on top of everything in the earlier models.

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Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon 15, 16, 17, 18-9-2000

This might sound a little bizare... but I found hairs growing on the palm of my hand the other day! Does that make me crazy? Or was I already crazy when I started looking?
Actually it is not as odd as it sounds.... Two little bits of skin graft that have survived have started sprouting fine little downy hair. Maybe its a good thing the whole graft didn't grow.

Couple more interesting sites : Icebox, ... Slashdot

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Tues, Wed, Thurs 12, 13, 14-9-2000

Remember the days when a month was longer than a week? ... when did that change?

More Sim stuff: SimElation, ... Mall of the Sims, ... Sims Hideout

For more tips on Graphics and web design... and a peek at the New Photoshop 6 :Lydia

Party going on in Australia?: Official Olympic Site ... Official NZOC Site

Other Stuff: Stuff, ... E-Zebra    and for some Silly Cards
Lets compare some Web Page Servers: Daily Deals

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Mon 11-9-2000

Want to be famous making movies? Want to see someone elses (as yet un) famous movie?
Go to iFilm, or 405 The Movie, or maybe even Icebox.

And while I'm still in "Life Simulating" mode... I'l post these sim links to KillerSims, OriginalSim, and SimDesignworks.

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Wed, ... Sun 6,...10-9-2000

I read a book once called "The Hole Eating Duck"... by a very interesting artist... whose name I can't quite recall at the moment, and also did the record cover for "The Hunting of the Snark."
I mention this because... I haven't seen the 'hole eating duck' for many years... but I seem to have very recently just been visited by a "whole week eating snark".

"Saftey"... It's not an accident!

The other day I tried to keep my mind busy by thinking of things such as "The meaning of Life"
but that seemed too easy... I mean... The meaning of 'Life', is about '20 yrs with no parole'.
(More or less, depending on the Country or State you live in.)
So I tried for something a little tougher.... "The meaning of Wife". I decided to invent a new origin for the word 'Wife'.
I started by comparing "wife" to "woman"... both start with w, and in the case of woman... the 'wo' was added onto the front of 'man'. So I surmised that maybe th 'wi' was added onto 'fe'. But why 'fe'? What is a 'fe'? As far as I know... 'fe' doesn't mean anything.
Then it clicked... 'fe' when seen in the word 'wife', is the 'fe'male version. The male version must therefore be.... 'me'.  (f=female ... m=male)
And so... I suggest... that if 'woman' is the female version of 'man', then the word 'wife'... is the female version of the word 'me'.

I musta been really bored.... or something.

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Tues 5-9-2000

ICQ seems to be down today...=/ if anyone wants me.... and you know my ph number... give me a call.

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Sat, Sun, Mon 2, 3, 4-9-2000

Found a couple of very cool Magazine sites iTgraphics and Computer Arts well worth a long look,
and another usefull graphic searchengine: Gettyone
Adobe is an interesting site to look around also.

I been playing with "The Sims" and found a number of sites with usefull links and downloads for it : Sims Resource, ... Sims for Mac, ... 7 Deadly Sims, ... Home of Evil Sims, ... Well Dressed Sims, ... File Leech, ... Coasters, ... Anubus Girl, ...

and now for some more interesting sites: Live Pencil, ... Daily Mac Fix, ... Fontmonster, ... Yenz, ... B A N J A ...
And with pleanty of worthwhile links is Cool Homepages , ...

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