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April Sun 30-04-2000 11:55 AM... 4:54 PM ...8:24 PM

Looking for a new way to get around your Mac?... try Macintosh Explorer
It seems to be a cross between the stunning OSX and ... ...Windows File Manager!?

And now for an experiment... Cocktails for Two - by Spike Jones and the City Slickers mp3
as I understand it... this track is outside of the Copyright laws due to its age.... however if anyone can correct me on this... I will immediately remove it.
Spike was well ahead of his time... or younger than his age... or something...
anyway I like his stuff!

The best mp3 player (I think) is SoundJam... other good players are Audion and Sound App.

ps. if U R looking for mp3s... You cant go past Macster! =)

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Sat 29-04-2000 10:42 PM...

Kaleidoscope has just released its latest set of schemes

Ooops... the day dissapeared...
was that slippage?... a minor Millenial Drift in the plates of Time? or just old age?

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Fri 28-04-2000 10:42 PM...

Added new sections in the Early Artz page... allowing many more works to be shown
started to upload some of them... =)

took Doug... our very large Cat to the vet... =( he has been fighting.... again!..
he will be fine =)

finished a few more of the buttons at the bottom.

EarthQuake just struck here about 11.15 ish ! was cool! ...
everything shook .. the animals stirred... but nothing broke=)

For three days now... a pigeon has been living in the field next to my place.
Today I noticed two Magpies and a Heron were also living there. This seems very odd.
Do they know something I don't? =)

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Thurs 27-04-2000 4:16 AM... .11.20PM

Created new anim gif in Dragonette.... fixed links in Early Artz
added new Hobbitsville pic in the Experimental Artz

Along with The Lord of the Rings you might try... The One Ring

In the News today I hear that the Universe is flat! ??? hmmmm.. I wonder just how flat...
and is it true? =) .... and who really cares.....?

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Wed 26-04-2000 4:16 AM... .11.20PM

seperated counter links...

For the latest Mac News goto maccentral
and for all your Hotline needs go to hotlinecentral

Added some more of my Early Artz =)

started on a possible MetaCrawler page

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Anzac Day Tue 25-04-2000 11.30 AM... ..11:00 PM..

LastPosted at Anzac (Austrailia - NewZealand) War Memorial Commemoration Service ...

Neither the Archivez or the Downloadz links work correctly yet.
and the Early Linkz are a year or two old... but there are some good links there still =)
Archives almost works =/ =)
Added an Experimental Art Section (Photoshop experiments)

A big Hi and ThanX to Sirius, Naroto, MonsterCow, Gracenote, JazMark, LuvmyDub, Terri, Cathy, Amy, HarryEight, Blade, Celia, Anne, Tano, Caitlin and anyone else that wants to drop by =)

(Naroto... my Y2K bug is still under raps)... =) ThanX

How to make your own skins for Internet Explorer! cool! =)

Windows! warning.. this link has stupid Java bits as U leave.

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Easter Mon 24-04-2000 5.55 PM... ....

Didn't do a lot on line today... wrote some backup CDs.. had visitors...

found ImacGeek =) an interface site.... and an NZ homepage site NZCity
added Google search engine
found some info links: Ask Jeeves and eHow
and Designers Lunchbox also...
The best stuff comes from New Zealand: T H E . L O R D . o f . T H E . R I N G S
even if the front page does look a little complex.
found some of my old links and of course....
where else can U find the latest? Version Tracker

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Sun 23-04-2000 4:09 PM... . oh dear... guess what... it is after midnight again =)... after 2AM!

Rode some bike... fixed some links... tidied some headings... rested. =)
Changed lower links... (styled ideas from Eyeball Design)

found a Rodger Dean site ...... ........Rodger Dean

and Layne Karkruffs ..for Desktops schemes and icons

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Sat 22-04-2000 1:08 PM ... ... Woops... its after midnight again.

put new simple links down the left column... =)
counter still confuses me... one sec it is over 100 then it is only 3.. =/

Dragonette visited this evening...

Found a really cool ftp site of The Goons mp3s..

Tried Area 51 again... seems to be only available to PC's with special frame Grabbers

found The Mill a site for addons to the Game Myth.. converting it into other Games.
also found Eyeball Design a very cool looking place =) with some nice free textures
found some Cyber friends Ananova Live News .....
Mya and....... Webbie Tookay3D Cyber models unreal!

added sub headings... they still need some work.

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Fri 21-04-2000 9:46 AM ... awake... I think.... and still well after midnight!=/

Added the link to ResExcellence down the right... since I go there every day.
Some people read the newspaper, I ResExcellence =)

hmmmm... the ResExcellence Logo is fighting me..=/
Thats better... I kicked it...=) I notice my counter keeps reverting... maybe my cashe is effecting it?

Made some more changes to the structure of this site...removed links at top...
added Archived for future use.

did some more painting... =/ blue

I tried to get some Area 51 pics.. but no go..=(

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Thur 20-04-2000 11:50 AM ... and suddenly it is midnight!? Wow! =)

GerrysICQ has put up my icon set: from Gerrys server

Got rid of the links down the left for now... Went away to do some painting (walls) came back and most of the day had gone =/
in fact.. after a few minutes adjustment of picture layouts.. and it is tomorrow already!
Holiday! Easter Friday.

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Wed 19-04-2000 4:08 PM ... 8:55PM ...11:52PM

Added dummy link top and bottom... scanned some pics for the new pages .... tweaked and tweaked somemore... and still doesn't look much better yet ... it will.

this site is very much in Alpha mode sofar... so anyone looking in here is sortof an Alpha tester =) ThanX

The links at the bottom work now... I had a bit of trouble with the scroll bar... but I hope its right now.

New Dragonette pix.. and hand pix

it has been said that the link panel down the left is a bit busy... hmmmm... maybe I'll simplify it =)
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Tues 18-04-2000 7:11 PM ...

Traveled off to big smoke today... played with Dragonette site...
added some more Early Artz

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Mon 17-04-2000 11:49 AM ... and still going at 9:17 PM ... a even still going at 12:19am!

Moved from LuvmyDubs backyard into my own =)
Built this panel section on the left... ONLY the top THREE work... sofar
Rebuilt the same panel, sliced, diced, linked, and they glow on mouseover... but still only 3 done.
I might keep using it.. I might not.. depends if Harry can see my snail... =b

In a world without Fences and Walls... who needs Gates and Windows?!

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Sun 16-04-2000 9:51 PM

Started to add the Early Art Page.
added counter and generally played about getting the site right... It isnt yet =P
biked a few k today... and played in Garden... =/

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Sat 15-04-2000 10:19 PM

Hello and Welcome to my first ever Web Site =)
As you can see... I have a long way to go... but it feels good to be finally online.
I started with a site at Tripod... but their adds blew my page apart =( So I moved here... to the Geo Cities. I am now a happy Dragon.

Ideas Totally Unfinished unspellchecked and untidy... as yet

GrandeDragon's Dragonette =)

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end so far =)



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