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April 2001

(If you like finding new sites or places of interest, then come back here daily. I am regularly updating with links to various worthy hotspots. If I'm not creating... then I'm hunting for somewhere new and exciting.
The links down the left and across the bottom, are to the pages within the Dragon's website,
Most of the links within the main section below are to other websites that have piqued the interest of the Dragon.)

Tuesday 1-05-2001

for the day:

The Meaning of life:
to pave the path for what will follow.

Life: The 'meaning of' can be found in any dictionary,
the 'Reason for' is the real question.

I added a new desktop today. Resexcellence were asking for one, so I obliged.

Dreamscape have made it easier to search for hotline sites, and find WebCam sources.

Sunday 29-04-2001

for the day:

Macintosh for productivity, Unix for stability, Palm for mobilty, Windows for solitaire.

Somedays, you need a good laugh.
Blackadder, BA(the first 3 series)
, The Young Ones Scripts,
Young Ones
, Monty Python Scripts, Pythonline,
Goon Show Links, Goons Online,

Need some basic NetLingo tips?

Friday, Saturday 27, 28-04-2001

for the day:

2000 mockingbirds equal
Two Kilomockingbirds.

This new Titanium scheme is very tasty...

To refresh a page without using the cache, you hold down the shift key while pressing the refresh button. In IE you could also try pressing Ctrl-F5.

If you live anywhere in or near NZ you could try shopping at the Supermarket. they will deliver.

Hunting for a Snark? The Poem, The Musical, the Album, theBook, theAnimation, the Definition & Warning, the Map, the Performer

or looking for Rare Books? Bibliofind will find them.

Take a look at the solar system with this excellent simulator

Listen to some Cool Blue Radio

Thursday 26-04-2001

for the day:

I think I'll let my mind wander and ummm....

I found an article in the paper. So I searched for it online. About a new element recently discovered, called Administratium. Is it for real? I think not.

Here are some skins for Windows Media Player

The creator of one of those skins has a very good tutorial site. well worth a look

And this Flash site is from another planet.

Wednesday 25-04-2001

Thought for the day:

I have seen the future ...
... and it is now the past.

I added a new slide show section called Ash and the Dragon .
and also added a slide show to the NZ Pix section.

Tis Anzac day today... I better get that trumpet out

Here is a link that shows some of the planing of the movie Heavy Metal FAKK2

Tuesday 24-04-2001

Thought for the day:

"yes Toto... it was a really scary tornado.
But why is the carpet wet?"

I see that the IconFactory are releasing some new icons on wednesday. They say they are a new concept using negative space. Bother!.. that sounds a lot like a set that I've been working on. I better get mine out soon then.

Lets have a look at search engines:
First, a FineArts search engine Artcyclopedia,
then a collection of thousands of specialised search engines Completeplanet for the stuff that google can't find.
AltaVistaNZ will aslo search for images, or sounds
Can't be bothered searching? How about a site where they have already done the searching for you? PlaceDirectory
Or for a wealth of information, try EServer, Accessible Online Publishing.

Want to check your email from your yuppy phone in NZ? WordUp will let you.

Would you like to know which sites are linking to yours? Link Popularity will tell you.

Do you have lots of Ideas? would you like to make money from them? Or do you need some ideas? Go to

I have just released 3 new OSX icon sets.. BloodStone, SatinSkin, and GreenScreen.

Monday 23-04-2001

Thought for the day:

a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.

Added some new Dragonette pics today...

Sunday 22-04-2001

Thought for the day:

The meaning of life...
to grow towards death.

Ten new desktops are available in the Downloads section
Vista Cartel: these guys create Myth modifications, and other things.

I tried installing OSX today. Arrrrgggghhhhhh!!!
It was not a pleasant experience. I mean... it installed fine.. and it soo very pretty, but...

Too much change at one time.
I felt like I had just lost my closest friend.

I tried living in the world of X for an hour or so... but all the laws of reality seemed warped.
Despite all the makeup.. I couldn't feel the familiar beating heart of my luvly Mac.

So I trashed the X system and reverted back to my friendly little modified Mac.

Maybe some other day..... when I feel stronger.

Friday Saturday 20, 21-04-2001

Thought for the day:

Meddle not in the affairs of dragons,
for you are crunchy!!

Ever seen an exploding whale? Check this Quicktime vid out... 'tis very funny.

Remember the Game Myth? A new conversion has been built. Myth Warrior from The Mill where so many other outstanding remakes are available.

Looking for some silly screen savers for your Mac?

Macintouch will keep you informed on all the latest Mac info
MacAddict also makes some very good reading

The Daily Report has valuable info for anyone building websites

For hints and tips on all desktop graphic areas, try Desktop Publishing

Want to compare the speed of anything against anything on a Mac? CheckOut BareFeats

I have just added 4 new desktops and a second desktop page. More desktops and OSX icons to come soon.

Thursday 19-04-2001

Thought for the day:

You know someone with the exact same name! Really? Who?

Oh dear... Anzac day is less than a week away.. I better get my trumpet out. (now where did I last have it?)

I have some new icons coming... but in the mean time:

Gort's Icons have lotsa nice handcarved little gems, and their site is looking very nice lately.

Here is a Macintosh ezine called "About this particular Mac"

Feel like a good read? Project Gutenberg will allow you to download thousands of titles for free.

Art with a twist:
the Museum of Depresionist Art, and Gladys Dwindlebimmers Ralston Gallery of the Unidentifiable ...
This might not be art.. but it has lotsa twist: Funky Disco Cow... see the little 'in English' button?... you might find that useful.

If you have a pet, want a pet, have a problem with a pet, or a pet has one with you, go to Great Pets

Wednesday 18-04-2001

Thought for the day:

I have to think twice before I give it a second thought.

I revisited the asian mp3 site (from last sunday), it appears to be Audion, with a slightly different range of skins.

Everytime I visit Akio's site he has something worth seeing. Some of his Audion skins are very nice.

Whats happening in the Mac community? tidBITs know.

One of the best collections of icons always used to be MOSCO. It still compares well with the latest. have returned with some good OSX icons

Tuesday 17-04-2001

Thought for the day:

Meditation is not what you Think.

I found a few asian sites that are possibly interesting. They may not be in english, but are still worth a look.
Cactus Studio for icons and desktops etc.
Mac Beauty for an attractive Customisation site.

Sometimes I stumble across some very unusual stuff like this Ayacca Mac house. It has odd little icons, and if you look further, some very weird images. Proceed with caution!

If you use Kineticons... you might like some of these

Monday 16-04-2001

Thought for the day:

There are no religious books in our Library...
only cross references.

Here is a list of some of the sites that have links back to here:>>>

The Feeble Files have been released for Mac
The 3D game Heavy Metal FAKK2 has just been released for OSX

DV Garage have free daily and weekly tutorials - using textures on models

OSX has been updated to X.01

I added a new "Logon" desktop to the DT collection

Holy Mac
iMac Geek
iMac Collection
Rampant Mac,
Icon Parade,

Sunday 15-04-2001

Thought for the day:

Make Headlines...
use a corduroy pillow....

Here is a very good mp3 encoder comparison ... from Mac Digital Audio

Do you feel the need to catalogue your CD's or books, or videos? Spinfree have the answer
Meanwhile Gracenote have a database of all available CD's

This is where I go when I need help with my various web pages: Web Abstraction

I have never seen this mp3 player before... It looks very impressive with many skins

Feel the need to get your point across? Mimio have a very unusual idea to take your whiteboard scribbling, and put them on the net or record them in a QT movie! download here.

Another web site designed for all Mac Users is... MacUser

Saturday 14-04-2001

Thought for the day:

"Who squirted me!?
Water doesn't just fall outa the sky ya-know!"

Want to know more about Mactella? an alternative to Napster... have a look here.

Lets take a good close look at Canterbury NZ, geographically. At Environment NZ GIS

Feel like writing a novel?
Whether you are still playing with your Alphabet blocks... or stuck with your writers block, the Writers Studio will help.

Friday 13-04-2001

Thought for the day:

God couldn't alter history,
so he created historians.

'Tis Black Friday...
Do you have a web page, but not sure if it works correctly with both Netscape and Internet Explorer? I'm often in that possition. I have just found a site that lists many HTML validation tools.

I am making some new "Made on a Mac" animated gifs, in my Downloads Etc section

Thursday 12-04-2001

Thought for the day:

Why is it, that the only time you see a 'Road Works' sign...
is when the road 'isn't'?

At last...
The closer we get to Easter... the closer I get to finding the 'real' source of the Easter Egg.
I have finally tracked it down.
I had to open up a few extensions with ResEdit ... but I eventually found the sneeky little devil hiding in the Control Panel 'Gravite'.
so... my previous info about OpColourLight, and OS 9.1 were wrong.
You need 'Gravite' installed...
then drag any icon on the desktop, with ctrl and option held down...
then let go of the icon.
the icon will drop to the bottom of the screen.. with a loud crash.
(I have even seen an icon fall down into a popup window at the bottom!) =)

Here is a very cool K scheme (QT brushed aluminium) "Diez con X-Folders"

Wednesday 11-04-2001

Thought for the day:

I thought I made a mistake once,
but I was wrong..

VFZoom is a new technology for compression and extreme scaling without loss of any data.
To convert 3D graphics into vector format for the net.... Swift 3D has been created. by Electric Rain
Here is a stunning example of it in use

Adobe Acrobat has released an ebook reader

Here's a little update on that EasterEgg I gave you the other day:

The Easter Egg actually belongs to the neat little extension 'OpColourLight'
(maybe in connection with OS 9.1)
Hold down the
ctrl - option keys and drag any icon on the desktop, then drop the icon.
Surprise! =) The icon crashes to the bottom of the screen!

Tuesday 10-04-2001

Thought for the day:

You may very well think that,
but I could not possibly comment!

TeamPhotoshop have lots of very cool tutorials etc for Photoshop.
Another interesting site is the Screaming Banana, they have a nice tutorial on aqua buttons

Search IQ have the smartest tools for finding info.
NetNow are a NZ site, with a very clever search engine

ControlStripOutlet have the best range of plugins for your Control strip. Well worth looking at.

Hear what people are talking about at MacRumours

Monday 9-04-2001

Thought for the day:

The shortest distance between two points
is usually under construction

Handmade Icons have a competion goin at the moment.
Cool Archive have lots of everything for your website
Award It will check to see if your site should have one of its many awards
Site Owner have some cool tools for your site. So also do GuiStuff

Something for the PC user: LightFX have a number of virtual people to read your email

Check out some of the weird things that are available on the little yuppy phones these days from Bandai

How safe is your car?.. lets find out.

How does the crime in US get delt with? Crime info

EarthCams can show you anything from anywhere around the world.

How much fun can you have learning about Science? ScienceMaster
Need to know anything about Anything? Knowpost have the answer

Here are the most popular sites in New Zealand for those under 25yrs:

Sunday 8-04-2001

Thought for the day:

Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist
needs his head examined!

Coincidentally, around 13%of the veiwers to this site use Netscape, and 13% use Windows operating system.

If you ever feel the need to find a particular sound online, goto Findsounds

Added a new SiteMap Page

Here is a fun trick... an Easter egg for the coming Easter .
In OS9, hold down the
ctrl - option keys and drag any icon on the desktop, then drop the icon.
Surprise! =) The icon crashes to the bottom of the screen!

Saturday 7-04-2001

Thought for the day:

I'm a very influential person,
gravitationally speaking.

I have rearranged some of the downloads section. Seems to work ok for IE users.. but still has some problems with Netscape users. Are there many out there still?

NEW!!! the latest "Transparent Named Icons"
H ave arrived! Have a look at my Downloads section under Icons
Also... even newer... brand spanking OSX "Heart" icons!

Have you heard about Apples Secret System? check this out =)

More OSX icons found at Xicons

Friday 6-04-2001

Thought for the day:

Time is infinity in disguise.

I have a new icon set about ready to release...
I'm in the process of tweeking the Downloads page, hopefully it will be easier to find stuff soon.
I think I may remove the Message board, no-one seems to use it so ..... wasted space... lets get rid of it.
Also... a 'Sitemap Page' could be usefull... so I will add one soon =)
Any ideas for anything else you might like at this site?... (Gui related or not.)

Want to import audio from some of those odd disks like AKAI, Roland, Emu etc?
Check out the Transfer Station

Here's an interesting Gui site... Shadowy Mist . . . (Gui = Graphical User Interface)

What do you get when you cross MP3 with MPEG-4?... MacDivX

Thursday 5-04-2001

Thought for the day:

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

Anybody looking for a Virtual Pet? At Neo Pets, you can build your own

The recent April Fools Day remined me... Hoaxes have been around for a long time.
There is proof at the Museum of Hoaxes

Hot web design:
Disturbing Grunge... evil pupil
talent to spare.... gmunk

Wednesday 4-04-2001

Thought for the day:

Reality is only for those who lack imagination.

I have no idea why I collected this link... but here it is anyway... for those of you that like snakes, here they are.

Want an IT job in NZ?... try here.

Here is a nice wee Mac site.. Steve Sobek.. he scared me on April fools day! LOL

Some of this may be slow... but Ohhh so funny! visit Joe Cartoons twisted animations.
Want to be an expert on literature, in a minute? Go to this Fun site, Rinkworks.
Whats so stupid about the American Culture? ummm lets see.... fade to black
Need to put someone down a peg or ten? Why not try Insults

And now for the coolest Photoshop plugins... Flaming Pear.. If you don't have these plugins, then your plugs are out!

Wow!!.. have you seen this? skins for quicktime movies. A new QT5 feature

Tuesday 3-04-2001

Thought for the day:

"Ok guys... The light does go out.
... Can I get out of here now?"

If you still use Audion, and haven't followed the avalanche to iTunes... then you may be interested in these new unreleased skins: In my opinion... these ones are well worth seeing.

to veiw them
to Download them

Pure Mini 1
Icon's Mini disk
TouchScreen II mini

by Carl Anderson
by Chris Seigle
by David Parise / Paul Johnson
by Paul Johnson / Layne Karkruff

A new free demo of Planetary Conquest 1.7 is available.

No U-turn has some nice little apps like Desktop Resetter, Font Smoothie, Dot What, and Sound Shuffler.

Monday 2-04-2001

Thought for the day:

We build bodies that last a lifetime.

Yesterday was Aprilfools day, did you get caught out? ...I did.

Patric9 has a new Molten Mercury effect he uses on icons and desktop, at his Mac site.

Looking for streamed entertainment? try NetBroadcaster

Saturday 30-03-2001 - Sunday 1-04-2001

Thought for the day:

Marijuana: not a leaf left unstoned.

I have just finished a new icon set!
When is a dock not a dock?... when it is the new Dragon Tongue Transparent Icon Dock! (look for it in the icons section.)

Resexcellence has just been shut down! ... Their new address for now is here. Apparently there was a copyright issue over a Metallica image. (I wonder if I can type their name without them shutting me down?)
Resexcellence are now hosted at The Principality of Sealand... the smallest country in the world, I think.

Not only have ResExcellence had all this bad luck... but there is more...

This morning at about 1.30am, I was woken by a car backing into a deep ditch across the road from my house. I went out to see a set of headlights pointing up to the sky, and a young, short, drunk guy standing there, almost saying, " canyugivusapush?"
I managed to persuade him eventually to head off home with his mates who arrived soon after.I may show pic of the car soon, LOL.

Last week when Mir fell from the sky, I was watching the News on TV when they said,"Mir has just crash landed somewhere unknown!" At that very moment, I stuck my head out the door to look north... and was very surprised to see an intense light on the horizon, and a smoke column pouring up and across to the left!
The glow was actually the sun, and I guess the smoke was a fire somewhere... but it was so coincidental, that I ended up taking a picture of that also.
I might even show you... it looked pretty impressive.

Ash and The Dragon

our veiw
A recent holiday snap

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If you let me know... I am happy to add a link back to your site.

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