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Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri 29, 30, 31-8-2000 and 1-9-2000

I found some cool Quicktime Puzzles
A Gallery of some unusual QuickTime Filters
Design in Motion
Dynamic Digital Depth for 3D Quicktime
RotoDV Quicktime
but best of all.. I found Computer Arts!...
full of Tutorials, News and Reviews.

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Mon 28-8-2000

I watched Sleepy Hollow last night... cool set !

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Sun 27 -8-2000

I watched BBC's Gormenghast on TV last night... tis very unusual, ... based on Mervyn Peake's 'Titus Groan' trilogy

I'm trying out some scrolling text... not sure if I like it.

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Sat 26-8-2000

And now for some Funny Sites:

Virtual Pets
Pass This On
(watch out for the self replicating windows)

An application for securing a folder: Secret Folder
Mac News: MACNN
Current Apple News:
Top Ranked Sites:

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Wed, Thur, Fri 23, 24, 25-8-2000

If anyone has some interesting sites, ideas or Mac Apps they would like to share... let me know, and I'll set up some links to them. Maybe you could leave interesting web addresses on the Message board.
I seem to be having over 100 visitors per day, at the moment. Welcome all, it is great to see you here. Have a look around, this site is growing all the time .

Need some Javascript ideas or help?... try out the JavaScript Mall
For a different way to bookmark sitres... and find new places.. why not Backflip .

I have been working on a 'Sk8Park' idea with some others..against backward thinking opposition. Last nite the idea was cancelled. Once again... the boring win, and the kids loose out. (Savaged by the 'Pride of Brians').

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Tue 22 -8-2000

ResExcellence has mentioned my site... Thanks Ilona
There is nothing better than a good ResExcellence in the morning. I visit there everyday.

Two sites related to airships: Cargolifter and Airship
Sites with addons for webbuilders: Tools and My Computer
or want to build your own News site? Try Groksoup
For Archived pictures taken from the Galileo Space Craft: Galileo
An informative place for kids and others: Eduplace
And for the Neverending Story. A group of stories with 'pickapath' mulitple twists and endings, where you can even write your own sections. Tale.

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Tue 22 -8-2000

Just found a bunch of potentially interesting sites:

OK, so just how legal is this... the world's smallest sovereign territory, the Principality of Sealand. A former World War II anti-aircraft military fortress in the North Sea. Havenco



Graphic search engine ----> Ditto <---

Spent some more time today with the continuing job I do with Ashley... churning our way through the background scenes of an Animated Kids Movie called "Cumie the Cloud"... tis fun... =)

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Sun, Mon 20, 21-8-2000

Moved my Downloadz page to a new server,
and added links and preveiws for my MacAmp skins:
"Dragîlien Metal Bar", "Red Scale Orb 2 &3"

The rain has stopped, so the water levels have gone back down.

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Fri, Sat 18, 19-8-2000

Added a new "mouse-over" icon to the bottom right "Tips" widget.
Also added my Kineticons, Cursors, 1.2.3Hotline TalkingBar, and ICQ1.9 faceliftv5a to the Downloadz page for you to download free.

I went for a trip to the nearest city today... Everywhere I looked I could see major flooding!
I had to travel over a very tall, long, single-laned bridge on the main state-highway. It normally towers a good 20M above the water...
Today, great giant, dirty brown, standing-waves were leaning over the sides of the bridge! It was an awesome sight... not to mention, seriously scary!
I am back home now... therefore I must have crossed it twice.
And the bridge is still standing.

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Tue, Wed, Thur, 15, 16, 17-8-2000

For Web design tips Web Design, Yale Style Manual, Beginning HTML, Web Building.

and for stats on your own web site.try Sitegauge

Found this neat little function for aligning text inside tables, in web layout .... tr valign="top" or "middle" or "bottom".

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Mon 14 -8-2000

Just uploaded a whole bunch of Nutty Pictures to my Fun Stuff page.
Go have a laugh...

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Sun 13-8-2000

Episode 2 in the saga of the sad ibook.
After running Nortons Utilities and AntiVirus.. I found over 400 seriously damage files!
Other than one of the System files, almost all are less than important, or well backed up, to my relief. These files all appeared to have gone faulty during the last crash. HD seems ok.
Three minor PC virus files were also found. (A couple of Word files and a RTF)
I am gradually going through and replacing or deleting all the damaged files.

I have also uploaded my first set of 32bit icons

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Fri, Sat 11, 12-8-2000

The ibook died on thursday... =( here is the story:
I was running OS 9.0.4 with multiple Users. On thursday I tried compressing a very large file with Stuffit Deluxe 5.5, and for some reason, it crashed. The crash apparently corrupted the stuffit Magic Menu file.. which then wouldn't allow the "main user" of the ibook to log-on. Since none of the other users had access rights to the extensions or control panels... it became rather difficult to fix the problem. However after booting up off a CD.. I managed to remove and track down the guilty party (corrupted stuffit extention).
All seemed well... until on Friday, after trying to use the contextual menus (ctrl-click) on a desktop file. I had another major crash! ... This time, on boot up... I was greeted with a nice smiley face. =) But it never went away! =( this did not look so good. After Zapping the Pram (child included), attempting to boot off a number of unbootable CD's, stressing a lot, I eventually found a reliable, bootable CD. Happy happy joy joy!...
I then clean installed OS 8.6 (the original CD that came with the ibook).
On reboot, this then gave me a nice clean boring orange desktop, that felt very unfamiliar. It was going.... but I wanted my ibook back.
After cleaning out enough space to allow another clean install of OS 9, (it was very full), I then installed the OS 9, followed by the OS 9.0.4 upgrade, and then freshly installed Stuffit Deluxe 5.5 to replace the previously damaged version. Then I replaced the original Extension folder, Control panel folder, Preferences folders, and all other important folders from the old System folder.
My friendly ibook was back!=)

All seems happy...ish. However I have noticed that the Appearance Control Panel seems to be struggling to recognise some desktop pictures (for an as yet unknown reason) and the Contextual menu function (ctrl-click) is seriously unhappy. Control-Click seems to force quit what ever Application I am in.
hmmmm. More doctoring is needed.

By the way... the Littlest Dragonette is coming to stay for a week.
I wonder if she has learned to breathe flames yet? =)

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Wed, Thurs 9, 10-8-2000

For the latest, greatest, best, unheard of Music.... try these: Riffage, iCast, FarmClub

And to see how Stupid people died Stupidly... the Darwin Awards

Want to speed up your internet access, and get rid of those pesky adds? try adblock.
I haven't tried this personally... but have had reliable feedback about it. See what you think.

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Tues 8-8-2000

Is this for Real!? Extrem a 1200MHz G4 PPC!!? or is it a hoax? ... more on it...


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Sun, Mon, 6, 7-8-2000

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Fri, Sat . 4, 5-8-2000

I tweeked a new heading for The Photoshop Tipz and Tutorialz.

Hairy Lemon NZ web design
Intake Design is normally an interesting site... but at the moment seems to have blown itself apart.
UFO not a rude instruction, but a collection of the really weird.
Explore Zone for whats happening on earth and space

Interested in cruising the Net on your Yuppy phone?
try out: Tell Me ... BeVocal .or. My Audio Point
Aspyr have released/converted more Games for the Mac: The Sims, Deus Ex, The Last Revelation

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Thursday 3-8-2000 a New Month!

Yes, a new month has arrived... I will archive this month soon...
I haven't updated for a few days because this little ibook has been sooo busy!.. with someone else.
Sadly, I haven't been able to get near it.

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for anyone wishing to link to this site
you may use this link if you wish.

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