February 2001

(If you like finding new sites or places of interest, then come back here daily. I am regularly updating with links to various worthy hotspots. If I'm not creating... then I'm hunting for somewhere new and exciting.
The links down the left and across the bottom, are to the pages within the Dragon's website,
Most of the links within the main section below are to other websites that have piqued the interest of the Dragon.)

Wednesday 28-02-2001

Thought for the day: ?yaw ym sgniht ees you t'nac yhW
On second thoughts, try this one: A critic is a man who leaves no turn unstoned.

Here is a very cool site... However, it is only available for Netscape veiwers!... Grrrrr... DotComicDotCom

And Victor Koen is a very dark but clever artist... a bit like Giger with a camera

Time for new DeskTops: this site is full to the brim with exciting Desktop Images.
My favourites are Munch, ... Misery, ...and Lara Croft.

Chez Jausse has a small site with some icons and desktops that I haven't seen before...
Steven Stahlberg has created a virtual Actress ... she stars in movies and some desktops

Twisted Technology makes desktops as well as many Audion skins

Here is a very cool java pop-up menu .. It needs to be set up from a PC... but will run on all breeds.

If God had a computer, it would be a Mac ... but what would she have on her desktop? ...The Planets! of course.

Tuesday 27-02-2001

Thought for the day: A bird in the hand makes it hard to blow your nose.

National Geo takes a look at Nature

Ooohh look... someone is using my Name

Quick Run!! Here come some holiday snapshots!... We went on a holiday recently to the West Coast... This is a little snapshot of the view from out the back of our little hidaway.

our veiw

Yesterday, while travelling back from the 'Big Smoke', we were following a car towing a trailer. As it headed onto a long bridge, it started to get the wobbles. It zigged. It zagged... it even zig-zaged! ... wilder and wilder... missing oncoming traffic by inches. They danced an unbelievable dance right in front of us. Until they finally stopped, wedged, jack-knifed across the bridge, blocking both lanes!
No one was hurt... a tyre was blown... the traffic was blocked, but not for long.
So... that made the day pretty memorable.

Monday 26-02-2001

Thought for the day: 7 Days without food makes one weak.

I am working on some new icons and skins for IE, and thinking about skins for other apps also..
I am also working on new cutout iMacs to match the new Dalmation and FlowerPower... how ever I can find a top view of the flowerpower... if anyone can send me a pic of it... I will build it.=)

I was going to create a CokeCola flavoured iMac... but someone suggested I might get my hand smacked.

Sunday 25-02-2001

Thought for the day: A bird in the hand is safer than one overhead.

There is a new Jelly in town.... Jelly page has added my Aqua-Perl IE skins to his site, They match his designs... have a look

I found a new batch of Audion Skins

Saturday 24-02-2001

Line of the day: A closed mouth gathers no foot.

If you were into Babylon 5, then this is the place to be... for detailed info and images.

Ikonboard looks like the coolest Free Bulletin Board System around... I haven't used it yet... but I'm very tempted.

The Macworld Keynote speech from Tokyo is now available on Quicktime! =)
has some interesting articles for the Creative Professional Mac User.
And MacOnly tells you the latest about things connected to... the Mac only.

Here is an article on the Art of Equalisation... Sound Advice
What does MP3 compression actually do to the sound?

Other Dreamweaver users might be interested in this little tip

And finally today, Hannibal is here!
And how they made the movie Unbreakable

Friday 23-02-2001

Line of the day: A clear conscience is a sign of a bad memory.

I need to point out that I was inspired by Akio's IE skins to start building mine, And in fact, if you check his out, you will see that my first batch have some similarities to his. Although I was trying for a more metalic feel. It was by studying his skins that I learned how to build mine.

Time for a little humour: HumourWeb has a huge collection of very funny links!
Want to have fun with words? Are you a Cunning Linguist? Head off to Word Play.
Here is a place where you can add your own funnys: AlterNet
Palendromes? ... What are Palendromes, or any other sort of word play for that matter.

Have you heard the Hot News from Tokyo? The new iMacs run up to 600Mhtz, wearing coloured outfits like 'FlowerPower' and "Blue Dalmation'

I found a new look at the International Space Station

and some very good 'Text Effect' tutorials.. and some more

Thursday 22-02-2001

There is a rumour that Jobs is going to anounce a new upgrade or two, at the upcoming MacWorld Tokyo.

I heard an interesting fact yesterday

... a fact that everyone should know:

An Emu's eye... larger than it's brain!

I have found Planetscapes... a vast trove of well presented planetry info
Could there be Life on Venus?
...Can old skin be made young?
...Can a satelite be tied down?
...Is there Life on Mars?
...Do you suffer from Travel sickness? ...Microwave Spacetravel?
...MindReading Computer?

To replace Napster, there now seems to be Mactella, OpenNap, iMESH, and Aimster waiting in the wings. (Only Mactella runs on a Mac)

I have just found an old friend OMNI magazine! including the stunning galleries of Giger, Taylor,and Venossa. and all the OMNI ARCHIVES!

Wednesday 21-02-2001

For the last 3 days we have had a nice wee wave of visitors dropping by from Icon Factory, and today a much larger wave from ResExcellence looks ready to pounce on us, due to them mentioning us today, ... twice ....
Welcome all, have a look around. I suggest you look through the links on the left, before you wander on through the other links in this main section
. =)

Here is a nice little Gui site called Interface Lift... some very tidy icons there...

I have just come across this term 'Blogger' ... I'm not quite sure what it is.... but I think 'I' might be one... Here, let me show you a few Blogger sites: Blogger... Weblogs ... and SlashDot (news for Nerds).
Have a look at them... Later.

Tuesday 20-02-2001

I added a little touch of transparency to the buttons in my new aqua style makeover...
Some places I have just found for icons and desktops are Mad Science Laboratories ... Icon Street ... Texture Paradise

For a very cool selection of throbbers and much more... try ExitMusic

And if you want to have fun ... go with Shockwave

Monday 19-02-2001

I have just completed a new set of Aqua-influenced IE skins!

Sunday 18-02-2001

A real, 6000 pound, fire breathing, Metal Dragon

Tutorials are theName of the Game Today:
•First is a quick look at Photoshop 6 before it was released at Seyb old 2000 on DMN TV.
•Some tutorials on Photoshop 5.5 Layers, Photoshop 6 text effects, and others from Total training
•A wide range of very good tutorials from
Digital Media Designer including Painting and Rotoscoping using Synthetic Studio Artist
•Here is a HUGE library of techniques for various graphic applications.
•The World Wide Users Group are well worth looking at...

Tips on speeding up the loading of your web pages

This is a very neat look at using a computer to make a young woman much older!

And now for something very different!... Harry the Potter!... No I haven't read any... but everyone else seems to have .. so... here it is

Wondering what the latest version of OS X is looking like? here are some screenshots to show you.
icon Icon Factory an outstanding 'gui centre' has a new cool Download search engine ... and this site is on it!
And finally today.... the Opal job search site. I wonder if they have a job for me?

Saturday 17 -02-2001

Today I have found a tutorial for creating realistic 3d in Illustrator
Aplace to translate your text to another language for free...
And 3 places to get you out and about... closer to Nature: The Serengeti National Park ... Ocean Wildlife ... and more Expeditions.. of the Blake Variety.

Friday 16 -02-2001
Tis Friday!
Some good K scheme creators worth mentioning this week are, Kei Kinoshita and Albie Wong
This is a neat idea... this little helper makers thumbnails of your Netscape History... pity I use I Explorer
Feel like traveling on an expedition across the South Pole? This site is updated from the pole regularly.

Thursday 15 -02-2001

Info on Lord of the Rings and the new Trailer Do you know if U can run OSX.. or if the applications you have will run on it? Check here Action menus and others are well worth looking at and Kuehn Graphics is a very well designed site for excellent desktops and other graphics... and The Rolling stone gathers no Bryophites
(info and images from the Hidden Forest on Mosses, Lichens etc)

Wednesday 14 -02-2001 Valentines Day

This is a neat little idea... Sticky Brain will help you collect your thoughts.
Since it looks like Napster might take the big dive... a new Application Mactella is hoping to take over, and more.
My Early Voice mp3 doesn't seem to want to download any more... I'm not sure why... If anyone has any ideas could you please let me know.

Tuesday 13 -02-2001

I have just completed 6 new skins for Internet Explorer5.
Check them out at my Downloads page
Go on have a look!
or try some other peoples skins at ieskins

IE skin
Here are some cool throbbers that can be hacked into your Internet Browser also.

And a nice new way to keep your ibook safe

Monday 12-02-2001

I went to the dentist today.... he replaced a big loose filling..... and my face fell off.. after the injection!
I am working on a set of 4 new skins for Internet Explorer... I will call them, Glass, Chrome, Iron,and Brass Balls.
I have finished most of the graphics needed... but am hopefully getting a little help with the assembling of the skin resourses.

I am using Akio's IE skin at the moment,
I think they are some of the best IE skins I've seen so far.

and my favourite Kaliedoscope scheme of the moment is:
BBX Platinum

Very smooth!

comes with lotsa nice bits...


this cool Audion skin

BBX skin

Sat-Sunday 10, 11-02-2001

IExplorer5 tips :           ( Command = oppen apple = clover symbol)
To show or hide the full top button bar ... type Command-B
To show or highlite the address bar (even when the button bar is hidden ... type Command - L
Drag the small icon beside the URL address and drop it anywhere U want it.
Show or hide Download Manager ... type Comand - M
Option click a download link will ... start download, open Manager and save it on desktop.
Command click a link will ... open it in new window.
Command - Drag ... instead of scrolling.
Command - Plus sign .. magnifies text, ... ... ... Command - Minus sign .. shrinks text size.
Try this: hide bars... Comand - B ... ...
show addressbar ...Comand - L ... ...
show directory ... Contol - Right arrow... ... browse

A web page can tell IE to match the text colour to the browser flavour (colour)


(CSS) color: flavor
<STYLE TYPE="text/css"> a {color: flavor}

Friday 09-02-2001
Listen to the Music:
Here we have some good online Music Magazines like Music Player , . . Keyboard Magazine , . . Guitar Player , . . Bass Player , . . Extreme Groove , . . EQ , . . MC2 , . . Gig , . . Guitar and Bass Buyer's Guide or Synth Museum
There were some very exciting musical apps for your Mac at the Winter NAMM 2001, and my pick of the latest releases was to Listen to Reason
One of the besy download sites for MIDI

Thursday 08-02-2001

Desktops, Icons, Skins and other Gui stuff. Railheaddesign and Akio
and for all the latest apps... The Mac Orchard is just like version tracker
Need a quick Dictionary or Thesaurus? of real words
Or even some Psuedo-words?
This site will keep you in touch with what is going on in Christchurch NZ
Here we have National Geographics articles on Life in Space
A Virtual Solar System... another different look at Mars and a journey through the Stars
Do you have a taste for a bit of Giant Squid? We have some for U here in Kaikoura.
Or would you prefer a little DinoQuest? Or Dinorama or DinoEggs
Need to know about EarthQuakes and other Natural disasters?
Interested in Conservation?
Here is a fun site for Kids... looking at the Mayan language and a more serious Frozen Inca

Wednesday 07-02-2001

I tend to have many interests.. Animated Java Script images is one that I'm hoping to dabble with for a few days=)
Here are a few sites in that area: WebMoments, Javao, Stans
For Digital images go to Corbis

For the Latest info on Movies on the net, Counting Down are one of the best.
or for the Gossip version of Entertainment on Line

For info on NZ's Lord of the Rings

Music on the Mac
! At last... a multi-channel sound mixer for my ibook! =)

Tuesday 06-02-2001

I hate doing this, but here is a link for those PC users out there, giving them fancy desktops and schemes: StarDock
And related to that... I find this image just a little disturbing!

Monday 05-02-2001

This site has good comparison info for the various Java 'Lake' effects: JayDax
DavidGrifiths Lake Wizard
Anfy's Lake Wizard
Dorian Grey Lake

Sunday 04-02-2001

I've just found a new Kaleidoscope scheme :... BBX...
The GameRanger has links to practically all of them
PlanetUnreal for everything U wanted to know about Unreal

DT's Cutout iMacs

I have just finished improving my version of the cardboard cutout iMacs. So far I think these are the best available.

Saturday 03-02-2001
Looking for a really cool birthday prezzie?
How about these Harmon Kardon sound sticks! =)
Harmon Kardon
Addicted to Macs? of course you are... Head over to the MacAddict site.
Other cool Mac sites are the MacSurfShop or MacSurfer
Wanna know how good that Mac really is? Try MacSpeed
Looking for Real Reviews? How about MacReviewZone.

For more MacNews... now we have MacObserver or MacMind or MacMalitia

Havin problems? ...checkout MacInstruct or MacFixit

Friday 02-02-2001
Here we have a couple of good local info sites: Zoom, and Stuff
Need info on the latest version of your favourite applications?
CDDB, the database for most CDs has changed its name to Gracenote
Looking for info, tips and help on your new web site? Try FreewareJava
Or this free Very cool Graphic Java creator for your pages Anfy
And here we have a very high quality Mag with some outstanding Multimedia on Mars and other interesting topics: NationalGeographic eg: (Mars, Bushmen, and Maps)
For anyone using Hotline, this is a very usefull site

And now for some fun stuff:
A fun site full to the brim with an amazing range of stuff at the Apple Collection
Paper models of Anything! or just your favourite computer
(I have been making myself a room full of mobile iMacs)
(or should that be a room full of iMac Mobiles?) =)

Thursday 01-02-01

A new year and all the old bugs are fixed =)

for anyone wishing to link to this site
you may use this link if you wish.
If you let me know... I am happy to add a link back to your site.



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