Check out "EarlyArtz" & "ExperimentalArtz" for examples of my art work.
or Early Voice has me singing =)

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(Most days I add new links to any site that I find interesting)

Mon 31-7-2000

Added another Tutorial...
and tweeked the "Copper Wire Seperator Bar" giving it a "mouse-over" so that it gives an indication of the secondary function it offers. (it jumps to the top of the page)

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Sat - Sun 29 - 30-7-2000

Rampant Mac has created a link back to my site. Check it out for some cool desktop artwork.
I added a new Tipz&Tutorialz link for basic Photoshop hints.

I am listening to Ian Andersons latest release at the moment. (Remember Jethro Tull?)
Has a very nice acoustic clean palate with a dollop of Celtic and maybe a pinch of Eastern flavourings
VERY tasty!

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Thu - Fri 27 - 28-7-2000

For a look at a real life 'Truman Show' times ten ... checkout Big Brother ...
Warning! some have found this very addictive.

This is a very cool site with good tips and hints and tutorials. Australian Graphic Design Cafe

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Tue - Wed 25 - 26-7-2000

And today we bring you....

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Mon 24 -9 -7-2000

Watch our iCEO Steve Jobs give the Macworld Expo Keynote address WebCast

I found the connection staggered a bit at times.

Keynote Webcast

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Sun 23-9 -7-2000

I have added a bunch of new funny pictures in the Fun Stuff pages. Some are very funny =)

And added a new link DTlogo for anyone wanting to link to this site from their own site. Its down near the bottom of this page.

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Sat 22-9 -7-2000

Apple have released a new range of Macs! =)

First they have new colours for the iMacs...
And a new Multi processor G4 with double the power!
And... a cube!

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Thu - Fri 20 - 21-9 -7-2000

Wanna take an ebook with you anywhere?
Have a look at the new Softbook
The new version has a 'millions of colour VGA screen' and is only a kilo and $600.
The web page doesn't mention this as yet.

At last!... A blonde white woman with a big VOICE!... ... Anastacia


Wed 19 -7-2000

Had my final checkup for my hand today =)
Everything looks back to normal and AOK...
I'll post pics soon.
I popped into town and had a look at the new Hyundai Coupe. It has Steroids on steroids!

click the car==>


Here we have Mr Lowe an educationally based daily cartoon series
and a very interestingly Dark Comic site called The Pitt.

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Tues 18-7-2000

Just spotted a rumour at Mac OS Rumor and Macintouch, re the secret new Mac models coming up soon... iMacs with 500MhzG4's inside ... and a strange "Black Box" with a wireless remote screen and wireless, buttonless mouse, ... and more.
Apple sent them instructions to kill the story... so they did... with teeth =)

I removed the Guestbook... since the Message Board will take its place and add slightly better interaction.

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Mon 17 -7-2000

Lotsa clouds spoilt my veiw of the Moody Moon =/

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Sun 16 -7-2000

The Lunar Eclipse tonight will give us a blood red moon ..... is it an omen?.. =)
It certainly should look good =)

A couple of nights ago I watched the movie "Sixth Sense"..... Wow!! . . ....
If U haven't seen it yet.. Go get a copy and watch it NOW! =)
I promise... you will not regret it ...

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Sat 15 -7-2000

The NZ All Blacks beat the Australians ! =)
Added a new Message Board

A Lunar Eclipse tomorrow night will give us a blood red moon .....

need a reliable hit counter?... try this one =)

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Fri 14 -7-2000

Worlds Top Humour
Rib Ticklers
Top Greetings
Visual Jokes
Funny Inside
Fun Shack
Funny Ihug
More funny ihug
Funny Bla-Bla

Very Funny Sites =)

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Thurs 13-7-2000

Mountain High Maps
Deep Ocean Geography
Plate Tectonics
The Paleomap Project

Sites for Maps related to Tectonic Plates and Continental Drift.

Boing Boing is a site with some very weird links...
Conservatory for online Music lessons
Rampantmac This site has some cool desktops... plus lotsa stuff =)
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Wed 12-7-2000
mp3 player Audion 1.5, now has a new Queue List of Faces to add to the existing Super Cool Faces
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Mon - Tues 10 - 11-7-2000

Apple InsiderWant some inside information?
MacRumours for ummm ... I can't guess.
Top 100 links for Mac

Here we have a range of sites with hot
information and links for our favourite computer.
Try them out =)

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Sun 9 -7-2000
I just heard the Microsoft has bought Bungie! =(( and that Halo is nolonger coming to the Mac... for the want of a better word... Bother!
Want some cute pages to send a friend? try Debs Fun Pages
checkout MacInStart for all sortsa Mac links
Would you like to try out a colour scheme on your house? Have a look at Resene ...
... ohh dear.. PC only... =(
OK... here you go.... a couple of simple Games to download
for the Mac: Thunderdome and Boogle
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Sat 8 -7-2000
For those of us that live in the "Land of the Long White Cloud" ... there are now a range of options for cheap, fast, internet connections: Jetstream ... Ultra... Chello ... Walker Wireless
other than Jetstream (Xtra)... the others seem to be wireless =)
I have been spending a little time recently looking at that lovely little blue/green Jewel: Earth
Studying the common beliefs on Continental Drift... and trying to work out why so many of them seem to be so obviously wrong. I will be adding some info on "my" beliefs/theories in this area soon.
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Fri 7-7-2000
And even more close-up pix of earth from space. I can see your place from here =)
Need an Encyclopedia online? try here...
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Thur 6-7-2000
More Space Stuff =)
Added a new simple Cat pic in the Experimental Artz
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Wed 5-7-2000
Added some more Hand Op pix =) .... Hands are nearly back to normal
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Tuesday 4-7-2000 July!!!!

Yes it is July...


Ooops!!... I miscalculated!... Time Travel into the past is not so easy... Somehow I slipped at least two weeks into the future =(...
.... .... if U wanna believe that.. =)

In other words... This little ibook has been otherwise occupied. ...sorry.

Ask the Oracle for Photoshop info... or not.
Explore Zone Now this one IS worth it =) ... ... this includes Space stuff and all sorts =)
MacInstruct for Mac help.. or MacFixit or AppleInfo
Discovery Cams from the Wolrd of Discovery
for USB Music stuff or anything else USB

searching for some particular multimedia?
or NIX Nasa Image eXchange? .. or Altavista Image Search?
want desktop pix for your 'PC' ?!!... no Mac version yet! =( . =/

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for anyone wishing to link to this site
you may use this link if you wish.

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