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July 2001
(If you like finding new sites or places of interest, then come back here daily. I am regularly updating with links to various worthy hotspots. If I'm not creating... then I'm hunting for somewhere new and exciting. The links down the left and across the bottom, are to the pages within the Dragon's website, Most of the links within the main section below are to other websites that have piqued the interest of the Dragon.)
All Gui Gizmos can be found from the downloadz section.

Sunday 29-07-2001

Thought for the day:

A Fool and his money are soon partying

Meet Dragon Tongue's
Female Emulation Machine

She thinks she is real,
what do you think?..

Type your name:

are a bunch of very impressive 3Dapplications. Pity they are only PC
enter 'free' in the search engine, and download some goodies.
Looking for some good 3D Plants?

has some very cool art at a really cool site.
Alexander has a cool gallery of 3d images.
LoneWolf have a 3D Gallery and tutorials.

Have they created truly alien life?

Try this multiple 10x view from deepest space to the smallest atom. Well worth a look.

World Wide Clock:

Current time and date in any country!

A Dragon Poll
Tell me which scheme should I work on next?

The previous DragonPoll:
"If I put a Poll like this, on my site, would you use it?

Results were:
75% yes
25% please don't

How Smart are you?
Find out from the Dragon

See who's visiting this page.

k schemes

Missing Money:
Three men decide to split the cost of a $30 motel room, each paying $10. After they have gone to their room, the motel manager realizes that he has overcharged them; they qualify for the special rate of $25. The manager goes to their room with $5, and the men, impressed by the manager's honesty, tip him $2 and each keep $1. Each man has paid $9 for the room (the original $10 minus the $1 returned), totalling $27. Adding on the $2 tip makes $29. Where did the extra dollar go?

Thursday, 26-07-2001

Thought for the day:

OK, so what's the speed of dark?

I had never received a virus before, but over the last two days I have recieved 11. When I first spotted them, I thought I was being sent Trojans. But it turns out, that they are all versions of the nasty worm W32.Sircam.Worm@mmW32

It is great having a Mac. If I were using a PC, my computer and I would be in a real mess right now.

Mac.Simpsons@mm is an applescript worm which goes by the name "Simpsons Episodes". It's pretty harmless, but its out there.

Would you like to see the Jupiter Movie taken from Cassini?

Uncommon Place
has some nice K2 schemes, icons, Game mods and other bits n pieces

Moody scenes at Ian Andersons
Stunning Space Art at Greg Martins
A site so dark, it has exceeded its bandwidth is Vickimess.

have links to some very weird and wonderfull ideas

It looks like Wired Magazine could have an interview with the Dragon, appearing some time soon.

Do you need to feel safe while the littelest people from your family are online? Download CyberPatrol for Mac

Looking for someone lost? BigHugs

are an excellent source of game info.

Tips for Bryce 3D
have a new free extension for Carrera to export to the web.
PostForums for all graphic Artists. You have got to check this out!

Dragon Animal test:
How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

The correct answer is: Open the refrigerator, put in the giraffe and close the door.
This question tests whether you tend to do simple things in an overly complicated way.

2. How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?

Wrong Answer: Open the refrigerator, put in the elephant and close the refrigerator.

Correct Answer: Open the refrigerator, take out the giraffe, put in the elephant and close the door.
This tests your ability to think through the repercussions of your actions.

3. The Lion King is hosting an animal conference. All the animals attend except one. Which animal does not attend?

Correct Answer: The Elephant. The Elephant is in the refrigerator.
This tests your memory.

4. There is a river you must cross. But it is inhabited by crocodiles.  How do you manage it?

Correct Answer: You swim across. All the Crocodiles are attending the Animal Meeting.
This tests whether you learn quickly from your mistakes.

Friday 20-07-2001

Thought for the day:

Democracy is three wolves and a sheep...
voting on what to have for lunch.

The Kaleidoscope Scheme Archive has been updated. My latest schemes are there.
Brian has a couple of incomplete, but quite usable schemes.

Apple has just released a new iMac range, a new G4 called QuickSilver, and a faster OSX.1
Here is a very cool way to see the latest Mac News, on streamed video
For regular uptodate Mac related info try Low End Mac

Some very exciting desktops are:
Created by Cheney and
Cognitivedistortion and
These are some of the best desktops around.

Here is a mini display of my range of K schemes
They are available from my schemes page, or from the KSArchive.

Dragon Joke:
A wild apeman was arrested in a bar when it attacked a waitress and ate a piece off the end of the bar. He was told that the arrest wasn't for disturbing the peace, or violence, it was a drugs charge. "Because of the Barbituate."

Thursday, 19-07-2001

Thought for the day:

The fastest PC I ever saw was doing 9.8 meters per second per second (for 6 stories)   MoofMoof

I have just completed 4 new Kaleidoscope schemes.
"CopperSkin (cream)",
"CopperSkin (chocolate)",
"CopperPeaked", and
Two new desktops are also waiting to be downloaded. They are designed to go with the new CopperSkin Schemes.

Macworld can be watched on rcomTV.

Bonzai Buddy
is a friend to help you online.

is the first Flash Video Encoder

are multiple video feeds from NASA.
CNN have many NASATV channels.
NASA Human Spaceflight have a wide range of streamed video and live data like this live windows media stream.
RealTV have live streamed NASA feeds.

online have a humourous veiw of New Zealand.

Are you one of the High Society?
Take this test.

Designs by Mark
have many usefull tips... like these for Flash.

have many interactive games

Saturday 14-07-2001

Thought for the day:

One day something good will come of eternity.

Here is a nice little video tutorial for Photoshop, demonstrating levels, curves and saturation.
And here we have a whole range of very good tutorials for many multimedia applications.

have a free audio/midi mixer for you.

Urban Terror
is a free Quake3 makeover
Inside Mac Games and Mac Gamer have the latest Mac Game information.
Playing a new game is fun... but what happens when a new Game plays you!? Magestic does.

How Stuff Works
is a very interesting site

is a New Zealand Art Search Engin

Thursday 12-07-2001

Thought for the day:

Warning: Objects in mirror are dumber than they appear.

Virus Warning!:
Tomorrow is Friday 13, Always a bad day for PC viruses. Symantec keep up to date cures.

Looks like new iMacs are just around the corner.

Ramona is a virtual singer from Kurzweil.
Gastrobots digest real food.
Primo3M is a machine enabled human being.
Here are more links torobot sites

Massachusetts Institute of Technology are putting their courses online, for Free. (OpenCourseWare)

Tuesday 10-07-2001

Thought for the day:

After all is said and done,
very little is done.

Apparently the latest PC version of LimeWire was faulty, so they changed it. I've been using (the Mac version) all day and am have downloaded 43 tracks on a 56k modem.
Here is a Search Engine to find the Lyrics for any song. (Big Lyrics)
Or do you need Karaoke?
Or an MP3 search engine?

Want to find out about the new Mars Odyssey?

Dragon Diary:
The Dragons Cold has gone. That's a relief.

My Birth: it was such a shock...
I didn't speak for a year and a half!

Snow: unasembled Snowmen
Cockroach: will live nine days without its head before it starving.

means never having to say that you're yrros.
Virginity is hereditary.
Elephants: the only animal that cannot jump.

Sunday 8-07-2001

Thought for the day:

To the world you may be only one person...
But to one person, you may be the world...

Dragon Tongue is still the "site of the week" at "The Apple Collection"

Epitonic stream and allow download of very wide variety of tracks and albums.

brings 3D animation, Video, and Painting together.

to save and share video on CD

on how to add a skin to QT5

Tomb Raider Chronicles
Demo is downloadable from here.

Saturday 7-07-2001

Thought for the day:

Everytime I look down, I miss the good stuff...
but when I look up, I trip over things.

Dragonella doesn't realise she is a bot, She thinks she is your friend.

Image Search Engines:
Diggit is a new and innovative image finder.
Ditto is not as clever, but more choosy.

If you are new to Hotline, then you should checkout Hotline HQ

The Drudge Report is now taken seriously, despite its looks
The Naked News is not taken seriously, because of its looks.

Stone Design have some cool apps for OSX

Early Apple powerbook power adapters are being recalled, due to over heating..
Cnet compare the top 5 PC in the world.
Guess which is the best!? Apple!

Docking Maneuvers
lets you reposition the dock in osX

The Mac Topic Centre has some interesting info.

Dragon Diary:
I still have a cold, but I don't think the temperature outside is going to be as low again. (I hope)

I wonder how much ice a power adapter could melt?

(up in the top left hand corner is an icon that allows access to this pages visitor stats.)

Ever wondered where in the world I am?

As from July 2001, viagra will only be available through chemists under its chemical name. Please ask for Mycoxafloppin.

If ignorance is no excuse, what good is it?

Dragon Jokes:
Drunk one:
"Look at that sun in the sky!"
Drunk two:
"That's not the sun, That's the moon!"
Drunk three:
"Don't ask me, I don't live 'round here."

Friday 6-07-2001

Thought for the day:

We are the people our parents warned us against.

Dragon Tongue has been voted the "site of the week" by "The Apple Collection"

Word and entorage 2001 will be released next week for the Mac

is a download site closer to home

Dark side: (PC)
have a bot to read email for PC users

have a view to the edge of space, from the Hubble

Geo - Gui:
Peter Blake
expeditions bring you desktops from the southpole

Could the Australian aborigine be decended from early Neanderthal man?
And is the Kangeroo related to Man!?

Dragon Diary:
Yesterday, did I say a temp of minus 12?
I think somewhere between minus 9 and minus 11 is closer to the truth, but still very cold! Our hot and cold water is frozen until about 1pm.

And the Dragon has a cold. (oh dear...)

Menu Bar
When both of us make silly sheep noises.
PopupMenu What we both do at a surprise party.
Server The person at pub that brings out the Dragon Tucker.
Mail Server The bloke at the pub that brings out the rest of the Dragon Tucker.
User The old bloke next door to the Dragon. (He keeps borrowing things.)
Network When you have to repair your fishing net.
Internet Complicated fish net repair method.
Netscape When fish get through unrepaired net.

More DragonSpeak:
Cursor The Dragon's other neighbour that swears a lot. (He doesn't like the roar of my Dragster.)
Search Engine What I do when the Dragster won't go.
Yahoo What I say when the Dragster does go.
Upgrade A steep hill in front of the Dragster.
PC That cop that chases me down the down grades.
RAM What you do into the bank at the bottom of the down grade..
Crash The sound of the RAM
Online Where the PC tells DT to walk.
Offline Where DT keeps ending up. (hick)
Where the Dragon spends the night.

Wed, Thursday 4, 5-07-2001

Thought for the day:

"You know, I'd really try to see it your way
..but I can't seem to get my head that far up my a*se."

Dragon Tongue has been voted the "site of the week" by "The Apple Collection"

The cube has been discontinued. It wasn't selling.

Napster has shut down. (they say it is temporary... we will see)

Whats happening in Britain? The Times will tell you.


Royal Astronomical Soc

Heavens Above

Dragon Diary:
We have had some extreme frosts here lately. Minus 12C last night!!!. Burst water pipes... A very largefern of icicles grew halfway up our water tower last night! I wonder how cold it will get tonight?

Q1 Is a positive AIDS result, positive or negative?
Q2 Where would you land a plane safley?
Q3 Whats wrong with political jokes?
Q4 Where does time travel slowest?

A1 ..not telling.

A2 A terminal
A3 they get elected!
A4 Outside the closed bathroom door.

Sun, Mon, Tuesday 1, 2, 3-07-2001

Thought for the day:

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have courage to lose sight of the shore"

I just gave Dragonella a new look... check her out!

Tomb Raider Trilogy for Mac is out
Alice is also comming to the Mac

Zonic have SwapTop, a little app that lets Mac users access WebShots desktops

Q1 What do yuppies turn into when they have children and one of them stops working to stay home with the kids.
Q2. Can regular naps prevent old age?
Q3. What's wrong with earning a seven figure salary?

A1 SITCOMs (Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage)
A2 Yes, if you take them while driving.
A3 The decimal point.

Ash and The Dragon

our veiw
A recent holiday snap

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