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Tuesday 4-7-2000 July!!!!

Ooops!!... I miscalculated!... Time Travel into the past is not so easy... Somehow I slipped at least two weeks into the future =(... if U wanna believe that.. =)

In other words... I've been otherwise occupied. sorry.

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Sun 18 -6-2000

I'm about to attempt a timetravel experiment =)...
lets see if I can move into the past... see you yesterday...=P

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Fri -Sat 16 - 17-6-2000

Bazar Car!!! this is SOME car!... the roof is the windscreen... the front looks like the back... and the back looks like the munsters 'coffin' car =)

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Wed - Thur 14 / 15-6-2000

Want some seriously cool desktops? try these =) well worth the wait.

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Tues 13-6-2000

Wow .... what happened to the rest of the week!? Cryogenics?... Suspended Animation ?
No... .. more like Alzheimers! =)


Foulds2000 interactive 3D simulations
Showmetheinfo creative products
FreeFlash free flash templates
mycreativity resources for creatives

sodaplay interactive 3D creatures
Garden grow your own cyber garden
etalentagency best animation on web
heinekencontest cool design

For cool desktops try DropShadow
for a school based daily cartoon have a look at Mr Lowe

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Mon Tues Wed 5 / 6 / 7-6-2000

Anne went to a Wellington meeting on Tuesday evening... she is due back Saturday afternoon

Added new scans of left hand

a number of very hot new Games R being released soon for Mac
Deus Ex, . . Tribes 2, . . Terminus, . . The Sims, . . Baldur's Gate, . . Halo, . . RedFaction ! =)

checkout: InsideMacGames . MacCentral . MacGaming . GameSlice .

and : MacSurfShop . Maniackers

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Sun 4-6-2000 2-00 PM

oh dear.... left hand skin graft is not lookin good =( ... looks black and hard.=(
It went black since yesterday...=(

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Sat 3-6-2000 7-30 PM

and now a new pic of my left hand is up =)

I found some tiny little, very silly, and sometimes cute bots for your Mac
and then I found some more. =)
(Some of these stuffit files may need to be unstuffed more than once)

AppleWizards . . . MacInstruction . . . MacThings . . . MacToolbox . . . JustSayWow! . . . HugeMagazine . . . HolyMac . . . MacDesktops

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Fri 2 -6-2000 7-30 PM

a new pic of my right hand is up =)

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Thu 1-6-2000 8-05 PM

The skin graft looks a little better and all my stitches are out now =)

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