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June 2001
(If you like finding new sites or places of interest, then come back here daily. I am regularly updating with links to various worthy hotspots. If I'm not creating... then I'm hunting for somewhere new and exciting.
The links down the left and across the bottom, are to the pages within the Dragon's website,
Most of the links within the main section below are to other websites that have piqued the interest of the Dragon.)
All Gui Gizmos can be found in the downloadz section.

Saturday 30-06-2001

Thought for the day:

If a fish were to swim into a concrete wall, would it say "Dam!"?

Dragon Tongue has just been voted the "site of the week" by "The Apple Collection"
site of the week

Artificially Intelligent Chat Bots:
I have just added Dragonella to my site....
She is a Chatbot from Zabaware
Here is an Alicebot for Macs
and this is the main centre
At Agentland you can talk with Cybelle, or Noa, one of their many agents.
The Simon Lavern site has links and info on almost every type of bot available
Botspot also has lotsa good links and info on bots
MegaHal is a chatbot that learns as it chats

The Polynesian Cultural Centre can show you a little of the native flavour from the Dragons side of the world.

Q1 How Do You Catch A Unique Rabbit?
Q2. How Do You Catch A Tame Rabbit?

A1 Unique Up On It
A2 Tame Way, Unique Up On It.

Friday 29-06-2001

Thought for the day:

If anyone can Roast Beef... why can't anyone Pea Soup?

My third K2 scheme was released yesterday.
It is called: DT•Smooth-SteelSkin

Looking for an Atlas? try this one out.

Need to set up a web page of thumbnails for your Pictures?
SimpleThumbs can do it better than Photoshop

A very well made site for all things avionic

Duality: a short Mac made film, set in the StarWars univers
Duality: the making of.
AI: the new Spielberg movie

a little friendly bot

the NZ hi-fi magazine

Wed, Thursday 27, 28-06-2001

for the day:

Do crazy people take the Psycho-path through the forest?
Do Eskimos get polaroids from sitting on the ice?

Gui people:
Bill Bart, the creator of the BBX K2scheme series has been distracted from his next scheme. He has landed a job workin on the promotion of Microsofts Xbox.

Creative box have a few new gui toys

The telling of the Ring of the Lord of interviews

Xtra (NZ) and Microsoft held hands today... the offspring is XtraMSN

Thinking of buying a Digital Video Camera?
is the total range of DVC's.
Here is how to use it when you get it.

Here is the Beginners Guide to using your 3D soft Camera (in any 3D application)
Here is Meshworks, a modeller for game or net use.

Powerschool is the leading web based student info system

Mon, Tuesday 25, 26-06-2001

Thought for the day:

To Grant your wishes...
would destroy your dreams.

Gui people:
Interface Central has closed... Nature has called.

I met a chap at Twists HL server...
He was called DarkShadow... here is why.

The Theme Shop no longer has theminator, but does still have some handy tools

Kurt has lotsa free fun Java scripts
ScreamDesign have some free web stuff

Lightwave 6.5 is out
Electric Images new update is fast!
Bryce 5 is comming... from Corel
Beginners Guide to using your 3D Camera

Pro Music:
Steinburgs HALion has landed. Read the info
Is Digi 001 a cheap Protools?

Fri, Sat, Sunday 22, 23, 24-06-2001

Thought for the day:

What lies behind us, and what lies ahead, are of little importance. What really matters is what lies within us.

I have an image of a new K2 scheme. DT•Smooth-SteelSkin will be released soon.

And my SlickThick-SteelSkin is now available at the KSA

Here are some handy links to Software developemnt Tools
The Witness of Teachtext is a handy little site with tools and a Moose.

Tomb Raider Chronicles is released for OSX
StageCast Creator lets you make games for the net or CD

Fonosaurus has some wild fonts for you

Thursday 21-06-2001

Thought for the day:

I do not make mistakes,
I successfully find things that do not work.

MP3 has a big brother... MP3Pro
The top MP3 downloads are here

Tuesday, Wednesday 19, 20-06-2001

Thought for the day:

The two most common elements in the universe are
hydrogen and stupidity.

Scheme number two is complete!
Download my new"SlickThick-SteelSkin" K2 scheme from my schemez section

The FreeNet project has a future replacement to Napster, and maybe even the entire Internet.
Here are a couple of new search engines: virtualfish and

Forge Studio
is well worth a wander through...
Curious Labs have updated their 'Poser Pro Pack', and 'Adobe Atmosphere' a dynamic 3D web environment.

Monday 18 -06-2001

for the day:

PC users think Mac is a four letter word.
We rest our case.

Yes, I know... I have been a bit slack here. Making Schemes has taken a lot of time, and distracted this Dragon from keeping the site up to date. I have a new version of the SteelSkin scheme almost ready to go. take a peek at it in my schemes section.

Here are some nice links to makeup for my recent slackness:

web: Apycom have some very good quality Java applets for you webpage

game: Aspyr bring the game Undying, to the Mac

3D: Here's a cool page for Digital Animators
        And s ome disgusting textures for lightwave users, from Worley

sound: Another Napster replacement is AudioGalaxy

gui: Here's an opinion on Apples handling of the user-interface modifications
       Interface Central have some nice schemes

movie: Evolution. Coming to you soon. Tons of heavy duty SciFi-FX

space: Want to know anything about Space?

fun: Switcheroo Zoo allow you to create your own animals.

future: Here is a glimps of the future now. A digital pen
         Time Interactive
brings you a veiw of the future

Thursday 14-06-2001

for the day:

When you walk pass a sheep, it goes "Maa..."
when you drive past a sheep,
does the sheep go "Caa.."?

I have just added a group of new Desktops for my SteelSkin Kaleidoscope Scheme.
They are accessible from Downloadz / Desktopz / SteelSkin related.

Seen any good monsters around lately?
How about any Shreks?

Want to remix some music online? Mixman Music will let you.

Tuesday, Wednesday 12, 13-06-2001

for the day:

a scheme so cunning...
you could pin a tail on it, and call it a Dragon.


I now have my own slot on K Scheme Archives

I just made another important adjustment to my "SteelSkin" scheme. The single horizontal scrollbar was missing. Ooops! It is now version 1.0.2
This version now also includes some desktops.

Monday 11-06-2001

for the day:

Two nuns in a bath:
One said "Where's the soap?"
The other said "Yes, doesn't it!"

This chap has a thought provoking way of predicting the weather

Macalicious have a few noteworthy Mac Graphics

Amorphium... Checkout this 3d netmodler/renderer

A word of Dragon Advice to wear...

I just made a slight adjustment to my "SteelSkin" scheme. The desktop text and its background needed tweeking. It is now version 1.0.1

We, Th, Fr, Sa, Sunday 6, 7, 8, 9, 10-06-2001

for the day:

Nothing succeeds like...
a bugie with no teeth.

Woohoo! The "SteelSkin" K scheme is now ready for download.

k schemes

This scheming has kept me a bit busy recently...
I have included some new Desktop/WindowMonkey textures with the "SteelScheme"

Monday, Tuesday 4, 5-06-2001

for the day:

I backed up my hard drive yesterday...
Now its hard up against the wall.

The beta version of "SteelSkin" K scheme is now up to v 0.8.9 beta. k schemes
Macintosh Customise Junky have some old Gui addons

Exposure have some weird short movies streamed online

And have all the right connections

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1, 2, 3-06-2001

for the day:

The secret to success...
is knowing how to hide your sources

The beta version of "SteelSkin" K scheme is now up to v 0.7.5 beta. k schemes
Tips for designers fron Eyewire

Maybe you are a fan of Stargate? here are some silly veiws of it
or maybe some silly plots for Babylon5

Would you like to be able to write your name using Mayan Glyphs?

Some Funny Pictures at JokePics

Ash and The Dragon

our veiw
A recent holiday snap

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