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March 2001

(If you like finding new sites or places of interest, then come back here daily. I am regularly updating with links to various worthy hotspots. If I'm not creating... then I'm hunting for somewhere new and exciting.
The links down the left and across the bottom, are to the pages within the Dragon's website,
Most of the links within the main section below are to other websites that have piqued the interest of the Dragon.)

Saturday 30-03-2001 - Sunday 1-04-2001

Thought for the day:

Marijuana: not a leaf left unstoned.

I have just finished a new icon set!
When is a dock not a dock?... when it is the new Dragon Tongue Transparent Icon Dock!

Resexcellence has just been shut down! ... Their new address for now is here. Apparently there was a copyright issue over a Metallica image. (I wonder if I can type their name without them shutting me down?)
Resexcellence are now hosted at The Principality of Sealand... the smallest country in the world, I think.

Not only have ResExcellence had all this bad luck... but there is more...

This morning at about 1.30am, I was woken by a car backing into a deep ditch across the road from my house. I went out to see a set of headlights pointing up to the sky, and a young, short, drunk guy standing there, almost saying, " canyugivusapush?"
I managed to persuade him eventually to head off home with his mates who arrived soon after.I may show pic of the car soon, LOL.

Last week when Mir fell from the sky, I was watching the News on TV when they said,"Mir has just crash landed somewhere unknown!" At that very moment, I stuck my head out the door to look north... and was very surprised to see an intense light on the horizon, and a smoke column pouring up and across to the left!
The glow was actually the sun, and I guess the smoke was a fire somewhere... but it was so coincidental, that I ended up taking a picture of that also.
I might even show you... it looked pretty impressive.

Friday 29-03-2001

Thought for the day:

Following my train of thought,
is like finding a straw through the eye of a Camel
...and coming off the rails.

I have just added a few extras for the Copper Separator icon set.

Ever wondered what the desktop of a particular computer looked like? No?... Me neither..
But this Graphical User Interface Gallery has lots of them, even if they are a bit out of date.

This Artist is cool! Jim Burns
And of course, so is Roger Dean

Looking for special SFiction, SFantasy desktops? go no further than Other Worlds
OK so this guy is just a little naughty, but he is a seriously good artist! .. Raul's SF
(warning... it says R18, but I think it looks to be more like R16 if that.)

Wednesday 28-03-2001 - Thursday 28-03-2001

Thought for the day:

I'd like to,
but last time I went I never came back..

I just found another Gui Kiwi!, You will find some very nice stuff at Saffron Graphics
If you haven't been to the MacOSzone before... do it now.
Look at this... Apple are promoting the customisation of their desktop... and ResExcellence is at the top of their list!

Looking for Dark Magazines with real cool artwork? why not try Heavy Metal

I don't do this very often, but here is something for the PC user ... Stardock!

Want to build your own maps for Quake 3 on a Mac? Have a peek at this.

I have just added 3 more desktops

We had some seriously strong winds here last night!

Tuesday 27-03-2001

Thought for the day:

I'm lost in thought... never been here before.

Looking for tips and hints for your Mac? Sue Grigor at infovision has them coming out her ears! =)

The new Slots & Rivets is here!

Monday 26-03-2001

Thought for the day:

What was the best thing BEFORE sliced bread?

More Separator Icons are coming today... This new set is called Slots & Rivets. It is very cool.

Douglas lost his purr on Sunday,
Today he has been allowed the 'best rest'...
His favourite hiding place in the garden,
now has a tree growing on it.

Saturday 24-03-2001 - Sunday 25-03-2001

Thought for the day:


Outside of a dog, a Book is a Mans best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.

Ed from Ed's House of Icons has very kindly offered to help me out with a badge linking problem, so here is a link back to him.

Looking for some Parenting advice? try out Family Education

If you have a Mac, but haven't already got Dragthing, Get it! This is the latest version.

So who is giving the planet a Makeover? RAILhead Design are.

Ed's house



Railhead Design

Just had an EarthQuake! 11.36am NZ time... no damage reported as yet.

Douglas the cat is still here...
We decided against Valium, using Nutrigel instead, and hand feeding...
He is drinking, but still not eating. ...

He is still purring non-stop.

Friday 23-03-2001

Thought for the day:

On the other hand . . . .
you have different fingers.

An interesting looking site: Hairy Lemon Web Solutions

More Mir Moments, where, when, is it down yet? Am I still here?

Putting on Ears.... For quality Audio info try out Digital Pro Sound or Digital Pro Sound
Need to find a particular sound on the web? Find Sounds .

And here are some interesting and some fun shareware downloads from Stimpsoft

So, how is Douglas the cat?
After at least 2 days of not drinking or eating, he drank some water this morning.
W e pumped a lot of fluids, antibiotics etc into him,
and tomorrow, we give him valium to try to give him an appetite for the day.

Thursday 22-03-2001

Thought for the day:

Your Stars for today:
"You will read some utter rubbish"

For News , Tools and Techniques for Creative Macintosh Professionals...

So... is the Mir satelite going to land on you?... lets find out

Want to know how stuff works?

Download the latest free version of Marathon: Rubicon

I have a cat called Douglas...
Today I found out that he has a very large growth inside him....
and Aids!

Wednesday 21-03-2001

Thought for the day:

I had to reboot my computer this morning.
It still doesn't go, and now my toe hurts.

Would you like to see what you look like wearing different clothes? Have a look at My Virtual Model.
or, would you like to try out different Glasses? look at Eyeglasses

Have you seen the latest episode of "the Apple Turns"?
Is that a Mac!? no, it'a an Applefritter

ComputerArts have some very cool tutorials.

Sunday 18-03-2001 - Tuesday 20-03-2001

Thought for the day:

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because it was superstitious.

Someone seems determind to drop a satelite on my head.... I wonder where it will fall.
might know.
I came up with this little line yesterday:
"A chicken sat licken the worst of his wounds, as a hammer and sickle fell under the moon."

Building a web site? checkout Gui Stuff
Jeremy Baily has made some very nice interfaces and skins
For 300M Free online storage space plus lots more, try MySpace.

On a totally different topic, I love the look of StrawBale houses This one is being built in NZ

I see that the Dragon Tongue is mentioned at ResExcellence, Holy Mac, iMac Geek, iMac Collection, IconFactory, Rampant Mac, I wonder where we will pop up next?

Friday 16-03-2001 - Saturday 17-03-2001

Thought for the day: Help! I've tripped and I can't come down!

This chap is very clever... he may not speak in english... but he designs a possible future for Apple.

Here is a very comprehensive database on scientific and technical terms. The Omega Database.
and another huge database storing over a million names of all the plant species so far IPNI

Searching for pictures on the net? Yahoo has them

Looking for some nice icons? Chilly Day has them.

Thursday 15-03-2001

Thought for the day: I was the kid next door's imaginary friend.

A new Page has been created in the Downloadz section. We now have a Desktopz section!

Here are a couple of unusual sites occultopedia and parascope, for weird paranormal stories.

Monday 12-03-2001 - - - Wednesday 14-03-2001

Thought for the day: ummmm.... I forget.

I have just added alot of new icons, including some new 'Separator icons' designed to partition the desktop or window of into sections.

I am also working on some new desktops and tutorials.

Sunday 11-03-2001

Thought for the day: Important! A message to all telepaths......   ...  ..  .  .  .
The Devils Desktop has some cool desktops

And now for some texture sites:

Craze Designs have some usefull tutorials for Photshop, Dreamweaver, 3D Studio Max, and Flash.

Saturday 10-03-2001

Thought for the day: You should be committed if you wish to argue with me.
I spotted my iMac cutouts at the Apple Collection today...
I also found some very cool toys there

And now... on a non Mac topic... but still innovation related. These ideas can fly!
Blended Wing Body

Here is Mandolux's page on Escher

Friday 9-03-2001

Thought for the day: Help preserve wildlife...Pickle a kiwi today.
Creative Mac is well worth a look through...
And some of my new icons are here! =) Brass numbered buttons for osX and grey numbered buttons for anyone.

Here is a nice Mac site for all you Geeks out there.... the iMac Geek!

Thursday 8-03-2001

Thought for the day: If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
Here is a nice little site for destops, mos's, and skins... Two Faced Mac
And some very cool Graphical sites like Dekonstrukted and RazorArt .
And finally today... Concave Obscurum an utterly bizar experience! This site is alive! and is interactive, is French, and really very cool. I just wish I understood it.

Wednesday 7-03-2001

Thought for the day: Huh, what's this in my belly button? ...PHSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTT
Woohoo!!... I just finished some new IE5 skins. Take a look ...

Have you heard about Ginger? any idea what it is? Amazon are also wondering...

Tuesday 6-03-2001

Thought for the day: All general statements are false.
Carrara has taken over from Infini-D and Ray Dream Studio... and now it has a new home with a hopefully bright new future: eovia

Renderosity is well worth a look if U R interested in Poser type things...

Monday 5-03-2001

Thought for the day: I'll have to drink about that.
This is a site with some very usefull Icon tools: Mscape

Maybe not as exciting as some other places I find... but I sometimes need Postal Zipcodes

I'm also workin on some more icons and IE skins... but they're not quite ready yet. here are a few examples:

And an Alphabet of icons starting with

Sunday 4-03-2001

Thought for the day: I find push buttons very depressing......
Here is a very cool K scheme from Daisuki Yamashita

Saturday 3-03-2001

Thought for the day: If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?
Lots of Desktop pictures at Mike Davidsons Library and also at Rich's World and here at MacGrounds

How about some new movies, like the remake Planet of the Apes or the very hot Harry Potter.

Friday 2-03-2001

Thought for the day: A clear conscience is most often a sign of a bad memory.
I found a bunch of excellent Graphic sites:


Thursday 1-03-2001

Thought for the day: A seminar on Time Travel will be held two weeks ago.
I have just put together my first splash screens, based on Munch's Oddysee, a group of desktops found here.

our veiw
A recent holiday snap

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