Updated many times a day... until I get sick of it =)
Check out "EarlyArtz" & "ExperimentalArtz" for examples of my work.
Early Voice has me singing =)

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Wed 31-5-2000

I'm off to the specialist tomorrow to see how the skin graft is coping... or not.
The feeling in my right hand is returning I guess... cause it has been hurting today.

No pain in my left hand at all yet... not sure thats so good....

Check out these links:
dinoeggs . . .discovery . . more language conversions . .netmind

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Tue 30-5-2000

Found some more links:

USB Cam ...... or ...... Logitech Quick Cam
Scanning tips

NZ portal
NZ job net


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Sun / Mon 28/29-5-2000

Scanned my left hand today.... doesn't look so good =(
It had been bleeding in behind the skin graft... so it hasn't 'taken'.
If I'm very lucky... it might recover... if not, it looks like I'll have another skin graft real soon.

The bandage is back on again.
Tis a bit yucky... but if U don't mind... check out the new pic

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Sat 27-5-2000

I'm adding links most days... so, let me know of any that you like... or tell me if I have some you don't like =)

Flying Nun ... New Zealand Record lable for earthy Garageband soundz
Dave Dobbin... One of the central influences on NZ Music

FL@SH sites: these sites don't seem to work well for me =( maybe they will for you.
Challenge... cool flash site are here!
Balthazar... Music and Animation with dynamic punch!
DDG... internet art.
The Collective... flash Game site.

NASA Spaceflight TV... watch the shuttle and space station do the wild thing
Tracker... where is the shuttle right now?
Mars Global Surveyor Images... archive of Mars pics

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Thur-Fri 25+26-5-2000

My Right hand is now unbandaged =) check out Hand Op to see how it looks today.

Here are a few unusual links... see what U think. AskJesus, The Spark, Outhouse
Warning...you might want to treat these links as AdultOnly at times.

Read this sentence:
Now count aloud the F's in that sentence. Count them ONLY ONCE. Do not go back and count them again.

ANSWER: (don't click this link!... just place the cursor over the link and read the bar at the bottom of the browser)

Also added new humour in the Fun Stuff link

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Wed 24-5-2000 10:29 PM

Tis my BirthDay today! =) tehe.. I'm almost ancient...
I feel much better today... In fact.. if it weren't for these great huge bandaged hands... I would be feeling quite good =)

I discovered this morning that the bandage on my left hand hides a small plastercast encasing my little finger. I wonder what I'll discover tomorrow morn =)

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Mon 22-5-2000 spent in Hospital . . Tue 23-5-2000 8:45 PM

Just outa Hospital... I feel better than I expected .. but still pretty grotty after the Anesthetic.
Both hands have been operated on, so I'm tapping out this painfull message with two fingertips.

I had two ops on my left hand... plus a skin graft from upper arm. And an op on the right hand.

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Sat /Sun 20 /21-5-2000 10:34 PM

Busy painting a room today... and sanding and varnishing a wooden desk... phew! Then watched two movies... Life is beautifull and Notting Hill.
Tomorrow is my Hand Op... so it may be a couple of days before the next update. I will have both hands and an arm in bandages.... won't that be fun...

A couple of cool games to look out for HALO and MYST III

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Fri 19-5-2000 11:00PM

I have noticed that IE5 keeps a seperate Cache, every time a different Capitalisation is used in the URL. So, you can change which cache you use, by changing the capitalisation of anycombination of letters in the address.

Check out this site =) Holy Mac

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Thur 18-5-2000 6:00 PM

NZoom: NZ media plus

airlog: NZ Arial Photography

audible: hear it here... audible books and more

zaba,: chat with HAL


NASA visual images of the Universe

babel: translate between languages

webreview: building a web page? get some ideas here..

milpool: Simpson interactive

smokin: Age Wrinkles and Cigs

Ziggy: Stardust &the spiders from Mars

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Wed 17-5-2000 9:00 PM
Want to compare mp3 players? check out About This Particular Mac

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Tues 16-5-2000 10:00 PM
helped Ashley with some background scenes for a "What Now!" movie ... that's gonna take a while...
need DTP ideas?   Some cool Icons

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Mon 15-5-2000
I have my Op in a week today =)
Want some new fonts? Adobe, - Fonthaus, - AtomicType, - Agfa, - Electronic Font Foundry, - Berthold, - Font Bureau, - 1 Fonts, - Fontopolis, - Mary Forest, - Emerald City, - Dingbats, - Microsoft, - Divide by Zero, - Kemosabe's, - Acid try these sites =)

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Sun 14-5-2000

Oops... What happened to Sunday? =) ... guess I blinked again.
Oh well... have a look at this link anyway... I haven't checked it yet .. but it sounds interesting.
Design your own model to wear your clothes. Lands End NZ clothing Retailer

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Sat 13-5-2000 6:30 PM ... 9:00 PM

Here's an interesting idea, Diiva a graphical image newsgroup browser.

and a spot some of my friends like visiting, the iMacGeek ... I figure you might also.

Want some new desktop pics?

or interested in a few unusual QTVR scenes?


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Fri 12-5-2000 7:00 PM

Adjusted the link from the DragonTongueNZ/ page.
I'm not really a fancy car person.... but I spotted this very impresive car and decided to show you. Tis a bit like a cross between an old chopped Chev Coupe and a VW beetle. StreetRod from the Future.

Hey, I've just found this replacement for the Control Strip and lotsa modules for it =) enjoy!

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Thurs 11-5-2000 9:30 PM

Woo hoo... both pages R running again... for the time being... I still can't see what I was doing wrong yet. =)

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Wed 11-5-2000 1:08 PM

Oh dear ... it looks like both the Funstuff and Early Voice have been shut down.
Apparently I have been remote serving... =( ..I don't actually think I have been...

So with any luck... it will only be down temporarily =)

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Tues 9-05-2000 10:40 PM ... 11.45 PM

Ok... so the secret page wasn't that clever... but it would have been more fun if it had worked.
Hopefully ... it now does =)
ispyders boyfriend has been arrested... ispyder is turning herself in to police tomorrow.

In the Graphix world, Corel is growing. It is releasing a free version of Wordperfect suit 8... and they have just bought out big parts of MetaCreations, including Painter, KPT and Bryce!
s this a good thing?... well MetaCreations have been canibalising themselves for the last year... according to some opinions. Hmmmmm..

Just trying out this Guestbook idea.... if it works ok.. I may put it somewhere more sensible

Sign Guestbook View Guestbook

Three tips: 1/ Sometimes I find various icons on my page are missing...So... if I re-enter my site from http://www.geocities.com/dragontongueNZ and enter through the top link... it seems to fix the missing graphics... I have no idea why.

2/ To see the most recent updates at a site... hold down the shift key while pressing the Refresh button in the browser. This forces the files to download from the net... and not from the local cache.

3/ If the layout onscreen doesn't look like U think it should... try pressing shift minus or shift plus. thes will scale all the font sizes up or down. readjusting the page.

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Mon 8-05-2000 6:45 PM

Added a Secret page.. =) te he... it does do something... you just need a little patience =)
and a FunStuff Page with a new really cool Animation... check it out.

It seems the ispyder may be a young woman!...

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Sun 6-05-2000

Wedding aniversary today... =)

Just saw the making of a new SF movie... looks good!
Pitch Black reminds me of the original Alien ..cool critters! =) cool idea...

The Luv Bug has 60 variations now! and seem to be dredging PCs for passwords and sending the info back to an address similar to ispyder@mail.com... this seems to be a huge slipup... or... intentionally designed to blame an innocent.. ?

A Dragon Joke :
Why Aliens havent visited us yet... (officially)... Wanting to avoid confusion... they study Earth culture and slang before arriving... and as soon as they are spotted by Earthlings... the Humans gesture and yell out
UFO!... so.. being polite..... they do!.

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Sat 6-05-2000

The world is still here... but it is still the 5th in some parts of the world
There was a very big EarthQuake and Sunami in Indonesia.. coincidence?... I guess so.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy were asking for actors for Fairies... don't feel like traveling that far for them to tell me I'm too short for a Fairy =) ... they need to be 5ft 10 .. I think I miss that height by about 1/4 inch.

A fiberoptic Cable was cut in Australia overloading some internet systems

Funny Site: a site full of fun pix and facts
I also found a really cool animation (thanks LuvmyDub) I will endevour to get it up here somewhere... it is worth seeing. (3m)

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Fri 5-05-2000 6.11 PM

Has the world ended yet!?

Well I'm back... =) this site is now at both www.geocities.com/dragontonguenz and http://dragontongue.webjump.com ...for the time being... either will do =)

apparently the problem wasn't a Gateway or Signpost... but a few files at my site that weren't being used or linked to a web page at this site... I think they were upped in error... I will fix =)

Added Early Voice link with an early track from me on it. (I am the Voice and Congas)

see how many easter eggs U have =) goto eeggs.com

and watchout for the new virus!... if U get an email called The Joke or I Love You or Love Letter... delete them immediately without opening.. (that may be hard to do) this virus is similar to the Melisa Virus but much worse...

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Thurs 4-05-2000 7.14 PM

Ive looked at a number of sites... and for the time being Im trying out WebJump. It has a banner but... it seems ok... if anyone knows of a better site provider... please let me know...=)

If U have played Myth to death and still want more.. checkout the Mill of hundreds of extras and new games!=)

End of the world tomorrow =)

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Wed 3-05-2000 6.00 PM

GEOCITIES SHUT ME DOWN!... =( It seems I was creating a Gateway or a signpost... or something.
Not sure what that means.... so I'm looking for a fix... or new address.

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Tues 2-05-2000 6.03 PM ... 9.00 PM

The end of the world is coming!... May 5th.... well... the end of the day maybe =)
Yes... seven planets seem to be ganging up on one side of Earth.. potentially applying stress to Earths crust. who knows.... we may even get a high tide =)

If U R looking for an easy app to sort graphic images... try iView to download

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Mon 1-05-2000 10:30 PM Tis a new month!=)

Added a number of new Light Artz and a couple of new Dark Artz

I was late back from work today... we had flooding under one of our buildings...
High pressure water leak... what fun! =)

Well... the mp3s sorta worked... but they eat up a lotta space I don't have... and they downloaded a nonsavable version into the browser... unless told to save link as file.

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