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May 2001

(If you like finding new sites or places of interest, then come back here daily. I am regularly updating with links to various worthy hotspots. If I'm not creating... then I'm hunting for somewhere new and exciting.
The links down the left and across the bottom, are to the pages within the Dragon's website,
Most of the links within the main section below are to other websites that have piqued the interest of the Dragon.) All Gui Gizmos can be found in the downloadz section.

Wednesday, Thursday 30, 31-05-2001

for the day:

Money is no good to you...
until you give it away.

The beta version "SteelSkin" K scheme is now up to v 0.6 beta.

If you use osX and would like to make icons... try using Iconata

For up to the minute Mac News try MacMinute

Twisted Technology have some good schemes etc

This chap decided to modify his new ibook. (Clarus the DogCow)
This chap painted his PowerBook...
and This chap added a bigger HD.

A fan of StarWars? May The Force be with you.

Tuesday 29-05-2001

for the day:

Of all those couples that married since we did,
We have lasted the longest.

Another beta version K scheme is available for testing.
This one is the "SteelSkin" scheme.

Remember, It is not finished yet.

Sat, Sun, Monday 26, 27, 28-05-2001

for the day:

I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

I have made two incomplete Kschemes available (for beta testing purposes only).

The I/OS project is a very cool scheme.

All your Base are belong to us!... an odd translation, but well worth watching streamed flash page

Here is a Quicktime trailer of Jurasic Park III

Stimpsoft have Son of Weather Grock and Cat Cam

Friday 25-05-2001

for the day:

The reader is entertained by the journey of another, but the writer is the changer of worlds.

I have just added two new schemes to the list of upcomming releases... take a peak.

k schemes

Wednesday, Thursday 23, 24-05-2001

for the day:

Some things have to be believed to be seen.

Today it is the Annual Celebration of my 'Hatching Day'

Mac OSX is being released on Unix!

Want to play games over the Airport? check this out.

How about a little sillyness:
Spontanious Involutary Invisibility,

Corpses for Sale.
.. Urban Ledgends

Would you like to know anything about bugs? have a look at bugbios... (real bugs)

Do you have some knowledge you could share? Post it at Utorials

Create a face at Face Generator

Monday, Tuesday 21, 22-05-2001

for the day:

An expert is a Man who has stopped thinking.
He already knows.

Some Kaliedoscope schemes are this way a'coming.
I am building some new K schemes... 10 of them so far.
This is what they look like at the moment

k schemes

Sunday 20-05-2001

for the day:

I'm not paranoid !
Who told you I was paranoid !!?

I downloaded a free ebook the other day. It is surprisingly good. A number of sites have books for sale, including some classics for free

Feel like designing a Movie script? Trailer-Parks Plot'o'Matic will help you do it.

Since it is fashionable... The Grey Havens is some more Tolkien stuff for you.

Renaissance have some very cool looking Java stuff.

Friday, Saturday 18, 19-05-2001

for the day:

I've got Parkinson's disease...
And he's got mine.

Since everyone will soon be moving to OSX, the Kaliedoscope Schemes as we know them may well be near the end of the their life. So yesterday I decided to try my hand at making one. Not only did I discover that the terrifyingly complex world of scheme construction, was not so terrifying, I actually made 9 semi usable schemes! Soon I will show them off and ask for opinions on which ones I should complete.

Wednesday, Thursday 16, 17-05-2001


I'm trying a new diet.
I eat normally for two days, then skip a day, then eat fruit for a day.
The eating is fine, but the skipping is so tiring!

Both Mercury and Quicksilver schemes are available at the KSA

MacWorld review the new ibook

Checkout the unlined Graphite hack in osx
In case you have been to MacNN, have a look, you might find something interesting.

Crawlspace have a nice collection of Comic images

ExitMusic have some neat throbbers and Game desktops

Tuesday 15-05-2001

Thought for the day:

If Pluto is a dog...
what is goofy?

The Strangerers are on TV in NZ tonight.

Oh dear, Live Pencil is coming to and end soon.

I like BBX Mercury so much, I am using it now.
I also really liked BB's desktop patterns and pictures. I have tweeked (darkened, textured) the eyeball one. It is on my desktop, and in my downloadz section.

Another new scheme worthy of merit is comin soon. It is called Quicksilver

Monday 14-05-2001

for the day:

It's not an optical illusion,
... it just looks like one.

BBX mercury is out! take a peek at it here... download it here
Warning: it is a 4.5M download

The Onion is a news site with a strange sense of humour
Whereas the Newsroom is a serious, top quality, NZ based source of News, that doesn't rely on the narrow News manipulators.

Here is a Tolkien inspired Art Gallery

Do U play with anagrams? take a peek at Andys anagram solver

I just had it pointed out to me, that Douglas Adam's initials were DNA

Black Cat Systems have some very handy software, like SoundByte and Audiocorder
and Limewire have a very good replacement to Napster

I added two new desktops today

Sunday 13-05-2001 Mothersday

for the day:

Education is not as expensive as ignorance.

Do Dragons have Mothers, or just Keepers of the Nest?
What came first, the Dragon or the Egg?

Is the GrandDragon lost in his triangular Bemuda Shorts, or in the Bemuda Triangle?
Did ResExcellence loose track of the Dragon?
Answers to these questions and many more, coming..... maybe never.

Douglas Adams and Perry Como died today!
Future Galaxy Hikers will be guideless, and many songs will go uncrooned.

I just added an old 3D movie called Nurse Maude Transition I made using Infini-D

and also added some image descriptions to the slideshows. (triggered by the cursor)

Here is a link to the Astronaut Memorial Planetarium and Observatory...

PhotoMaps of the world from Terraserver ....
This is where the Dragon Lives according to MapQuest

Saturday 12-05-2001

for the day:

Ring the Bell.. ..Bell doth Toll.. ..Tolkien's Ring..
Lord of the Rings is out!

The Cannes film festival have been showing parts of the Lord of the Rings.
related links are Tolkien Movies, KillerMovies,
NightRunner's Tolkien inspired Artwork

I just added a new slideshow.

Friday 11-05-2001

for the day:

Meditation is not what you Think.

I havejust found the NZ price for iBooks:
iBook 500/64MB/10G/CD/firewire/2usb (available early June)
: $3.799.00
iBook 500/128MB/10G/DVD/firewire/2usb (available early June) : $4,299.00
iBook 500/128MB/10G/CDRW/firewire/2usb (available early June) : $4,699.00

Lets test your personality type...
or use this questionnaire to find who you are.

Thursday 10-05-2001

for the day:

I never have a problem getting up in the morning, ... its the getting outa bed I don't like.

I have been running Bill Barts BBX Platinum scheme on and on for a while now.
His new BBX Mercury scheme is coming soon, with plenty of extras.. It looks to be much cleaner and simpler than the Platinum, and in my opinion sharper (nicer) while still in the same vein.

GUST have been searching for underwater critters.... like the Loch Ness Monster etc...

The Strangerers are a very humourous TV series...
If you haven't seen it yet, Do it now!

' tis on TV one, Tuesday, 11.30pm in NZ. Only a limited number of episodes remaining.
A classic. Also available here.

Wednesday 9-05-2001

for the day:

a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.

I found some more usefull sites with Photoshop tips and more....
like the PhotoshopClub... Designs by Mark... Hands on Training... ThinkDan... TeamPhotoShop...

Tuesday 8-05-2001

for the day:

a sexually transmitted disease.

Dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.

Farscape was a fun SciFi series that almost worked.

Finished looking through Ozone yet?... nope... me neither. Everywher I looked I found more little magic easter-egg-like pages.

I was looking for a way to create an image of a watery-plasma time/space explosion... sort of... in Photoshop. I haven't found one, so I think I'm gonna have to invent it.
But while I was looking, I found many very good actions for Photoshop.
Checkout DeepSpaceWeb... Very cool!

and ActionFX. checkout the tips, tutorials, downloads.

And this was a very handy find. Tutorial search.

Sunday, Monday 6, 7-05-2001

for the day:

Money is no good to you...
until you give it away.

I will just put one link in here today, but believe me when I say "Wow!!"
You really have to have a look around this place! Ozone is stunning!

When you arrive there, you will find a stunning interface.. but it is only one of hundreds there! Stay a while and gather some inspiration

Ok, I fibbed, here's another link to the art for Alice in Wonderland by Arthur Rackham. (This is also part of the Ozone site.)

Tis my wedding aniversary today.

Saturday 5 -05-2001

for the day:

If at first you don't succeed,
you failed!

A few new movie trailers are out, like Planet of the Apes, I remember the original being pretty bad, but I loved it. (don't tell anyone) I am interested to see how well this one turns out. Also available here.
Another remake, this time from the game, is Tomb Raider,

And another Game to Movie trailer is Final Fantasy.

Teknidermy have some very good interviews of the latest 'Gui Gods'. (A Skinners Journal. )

MacDesktopGadgets are a very friendly looking site with lotsa stuff I like.

Friday 4-05-2001

for the day:

A young couple ran out of petrol in their car,
and spent the evening pushing it home.

Have you seen the new Virtual Band Gorillaz?

I added two new desktops to the downloads section today.
I also see that a desktop added to the ResExcellence collection, has one of my OSX icons in the center of it. "I wuv U"

Following yesterdays tail of lamb I tracked down two live Lambs, Pam the Lamb Cam and Lambvilles Lamb Cam

Here is a link to the Barcelona Flash Film Festival.
Most of these films R pretty good and about 1.5M

Thursday 3-05-2001

for the day:

Mary had a little lamb, a little beef, a little ham.

I decided to look up some Artists like Froud's Faeries ,and Richard Corben,

For News and reviews... why not look at My Mac. or a consumer Mac Magazine Mac Home.

Or for links or News of a more local nature look at Mac Focus New Zealand...

Or for a Game from Ritual called Sin

Wednesday 2-05-2001

for the day:

Who knows what weapons will be used to fight World War III...
World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones

Apple have released the new smaller, cheaper ibook.

For hot Mac info .... Right On Mac have it.
AppleLust for more news and oppinions on Apple.
For News, Reviews, DesktopPix and giveaways try MacDesktop.
For more desktops and icons try

Looking for royalty free photos? istockphoto have a growing supply
Searching for a particular type of website? Macinsteins search engine can help.

Want to keep up to date with osX? Xentrum can help.
By the way, another osX upgrade is out.

Whats rocking with Macs these days? MacRocks. (music on Macs)

Final Fantasy... I don't know if this is available on a Mac... but it looks like it's going to be a cool movie.
RavenSoft have a few cool games worth looking at.

Tuesday 1-05-2001

for the day:

The Meaning of life:
to pave the path for what will follow.

Life: The 'meaning of' can be found in any dictionary,
the 'Reason for' is the real question.

I added a new desktop today. Resexcellence were asking for one, so I obliged.

Dreamscape have made it easier to search for hotline sites, and find WebCam sources.

Somedays, you need a good laugh.
Blackadder, BA(the first 3 series)
, The Young Ones Scripts,
Young Ones
, Monty Python Scripts, Pythonline,
Goon Show Links, Goons Online,

Need some basic NetLingo tips?


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