Experimental Artz

Beaten Millions


an interesting and fun effect...
Trace around each head...
copy and paste each into their own layers
Create selection boxaround a head
Edit / Deform / Distort
Drag the top corners of box up and out..

Do the same to all heads
Adjust so necks match bodies
tweek hair with smudge tool if required
Flatten layers as necessary.

serve with a smirk =)


-The Beaten Million-

a Photoshop experiment that uses very little talent
Multi-multiple use of the Plastic Skin filter
then create a new layer set to
Dump a colour into it
flatten it
finally add a very subtle lighting effect
and there you have it.

a stomachlining texture hinting at beaten copper
encasing a million tortured souls.




Cat with Ears

I gave this cat some ears... just for the hell of it. =)
same technique as in 'Hobbitville'.






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