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Ash and The Dragon

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These Slideshows show the backgrounds for episodes 3 and 4 of an animated movie that Ash and the Dragon have been working on. Ash creates most of the linework, then Dragon Tongue colours and textures most of the images.
The aim was to have them looking a little watercolourish.

Some of these backgrounds will be mostly out of sight behind the main characters, or thrown out of focus (so as not to distract), or shown on screen for maybe a second.... so I felt it was only fair to let them wander across your computer screen.

Show the Backgrounds of episode 3 on screen
(Country to the City)

Backgrounds of episode 4
(In the Forest)

Backgrounds of episode 5
(The Volcano and the Mudpools)

Dragon Tongue

Early 3D Animations
created by Dragon Tongue

using Infini-D




larger image



the movie

Nurse Maude - the transition

Every oblect and texture out of each frame was hand crafted by Dragon Tongue