Dragon 3D Tongue

Poser P4Female textures 1200x1200
(click each image to download that texture)

Circe Natural Dark

Circe Natural

Circe Natural Lite

Circe Natural Lite

Destiny Eve Soft

Destiny Night

Destiny Day


Female Natural

Female Night Smooth

Female Natural Blind
The 'blind' versions give a more natural finish to the model.

Female Alien

Female Alien Pale

Female Alien Blue

Female Alien Bump


Fem Alien Dark Purp

Female Alien Purple

Female Alien Deep Blue

My favourite Aliens are the 'grey' and the 'Purple Plus'.

The 'Plus' series have a vein of colour running down the middle of the Alien's body.


Female Alien Red

Female Alien Green

Female Alien BLU

Female Alien Grey


Female Alien Tan Plus

Fem Alien Blue Plus

Fem Alien Purp Plus

Fem Alien Bump plus


Dragon textures 917x916
(click each image to download that texture)

suitable for the Dragon available from DAZ
( bldragon.obj)


download Dragon Green
download bumpmap

preview head
preview body
preview alternate view

preview head
preview body
preview alternate view

Poser P4Male textures 1500x1500
(click image to download)

p4 Pale Asian

Male Asian

Male Asian Dark

Male Asian Darker

p4 Pale

Black Eye



One Combined Material File 4.3M
(clicking on any one of these images downloads the complete 4.3M file)



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