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Internet Explorer Skins

I have finished a new bunch of IE5 skins


They come in 3 sizes
and each size has a set of 5 seperate subtle tone changes.


There will be some icons to match these skins coming soon.


IE Aqua skins
from DT!

I gave these skins a somewhat 'aqua' feel... since it is so popular, And shrunk the icons down alowing more space for the browser window.

The address bar also now changes colour when put into the background.

As mentioned below, they can be installed using Resedit or Resorcerer


By the way...
The Throbbers I am using come from


Aqua skins

Brand New
IE skins!


I have just finished making these 4 new skins for Internet Explorer.

They can be installed using Resedit or Resorcerer

Or a small Applescript 'Lecter' can be used to install them. Lecter is supplied with the downloads.

These skins were inspired by Akio's stunning skins


IE skins

Also included, two with slightly metalic backgrounds.


GerrysICQ has put up my D T icon set:
(ResEdit needed to copy and paste resources)


DT's Toolbar for Hotline 1.2.3

talking bar

DT's Facelift for ICQ 1.9 & 2

(ResEdit needed to copy and paste resources)

The latest Replacement Resources for ICQ 3.2

DT's Cursors

(simple extensions)

Dragon Tongue's skins for MacAmp 1.0b6

DT Green
DT Grey
Red Scale Orb 2

These only work on the early versions... prior to v2
I haven't converted them to the later versions
or for Soundjam or Audion as yet.


on an


DT ICQ 6503352