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I have been working on some new Myth II Levels:

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A sneek peek down the back of the Lost Valley

Two alternative winter snow effects I looked at for The Lost Valley
(I ended up with a compromise)

The Lost Valley
Summer and Winter maps

It's a Mad Mad Whorl

Jurassic Aotearoa


H.E.L.L. (On a Good Day)

Go to H.E.L.L. (The Long Way)

This Hell map uses some non Dragon Tongue parts:
Modified 'BoneMen', and lava spew, from a nonDT 'hell' map...
Non-modified impalepole and various heads on sticks, from the same map...
Modified Bridge from 'Chimera'...
Modified 'lava vent'...
Modified bones and great arch from 'Jinn'...
Slightly modified Shiver and Wight...

Set in Hell, surrounded by rivers of lava.
Each team has 22 'Wight' (in 3 groups), 13 'Thrall', a troup of 13 'Bonemen', 35 'Soulless' (surrounding the opposition), 9 'bre' Unor', 1 all powerfull 'Shiver' and her equally powerfull partner 'BoneRoyal'.
The map also includes 50 bats, 2 living dark clouds, 84 unpredictable 'Lost Wight', 11 controllable but ' Unaligned Bonemen' and 9 stupid 'Lost Bonemen'.
There are Two teams on this map... but as you can see, each team is huge!.
So, this map can be played with many people working together in teams.

Bodycount, Territories, Last Man on the Hill, King of the Hill, Steal the Bacon, and Hunting.
(The Lost Wights and Lost Bonemen are the hunted.)



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