Early Voice

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Dragon Tongues Voice

Early Musak

>>>"The Shadow of Your Smile" <<<
( 3.28M ) mp3 (.zip)

Oh dear, mp3's and zip's seem to be blocked from downloading here.
This zipped version has been renamed to help it download..
After you download it, beforeyou decompress it,
change the name from T1.sit to T1.zip.

I appologise for the quality of this track.. it was recorded about 15yrs ago on reel to reel then copied to tape... twice.. then written to CD

Vocals & Congas = Dragon Tongue from NZ
Guitar = Spanish Irishman from Australia
Percussion = dead, out of date, black MIDI box thing
Bass = strangely religious unknown Maori
Strings or Organ = unrehearsed MIDIed Guitarist




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end so far =)



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