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The tale of the Dragon


Brought up by a gentle mother who did everything for me, and a clever but at times aggressive father, who always expected perfection, I grew into the person I am today.

I learned never to lose my temper, to always trust that my mind would find a solution, and that the purpose of doing something, was to excel. And so I found myself being pulled in multiple directions. Art, Theatre, Music, Physics, Computers, Athletics, Invention, Philosophy, all came easily to me.

I always had a poor memory, but a strong imagination and a need to understand.

'How' and  'Why' became my Mantra, while Who, When, Where, and What became somewhat irrelevant to me.

My memory meant that nouns and numbers faded quite rapidly, but my inquisitive mind questioned everything, always looking for the truth.


The origins of this site

I created the original Dragon Tongue website with the purpose of sharing fun and interesting internet site links.

Having grown up with a strong sense of self belief, I loved puzzles, and accidentally found myself rubbing shoulders with various  'hacker' types, who made a game of sprinkling clues throughout assorted pages of the internet in a giant hunt.

These same hackers also managed to find ways into the hard drives of pedophiles, and delivered their data anonymously to the police.

In the process of playing the giant Hunt games, I began to feel (by association) that I was also a hacker, (even though I wasn't), and so when building my first web site, I was influenced strongly by them.

For example, my first Dragon Tongue site had a black background, which at the time was a graphic-design faux pa.

Also, I replaced the letter s with z, so as to intentionally confuse the search engines.

I also avoided mentioning who I was, or where I was.

I guess I liked the sense of intrigue I felt it added.

Despite being so counter intuitive, the website became incredibly popular.

So much so, that 'Wired' magazine decided to interview me.

Perhaps because much that I did online was connected to the arts, it appeared that wired magazine believed that I was a woman. And no amount of persuasion on my part could change their minds.

I always enjoyed creating, and was never felt comfortable asking for money, I tended to give away most things I created.

I gave away many desktops, hundreds of interfaces, thousands of icons, and skins for multiple apps.

I was always driven by creating something practical, but often tried to go in a direction that no-one else had been before.

My latest interest appears to be creating Fonts.



I'm always looking for new and exciting ideas.

Let's connect.

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