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Matter Transfer
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Matter Transfer



Is matter transfer possible?


Matter Transfer:

From here to there without passing in between.


Instead of trying to move mass from one place to another, the answer is to analyse mass, identify all atomic components and their relative positions, store this info as data, transfer the data, then use the data to recreate an exact original copy. 

Any organic or moving mass must be frozen first... 

Then, with a focused (or resonantly emphasised) magnetic or gravitational force, each atom is stripped off,

one by one, layer by layer. 

The atom is flung past a consistently attractive force.


The degree of atom curve will identify the atom accurately.


This technology is available now. 

The original mass is destroyed, but can be rebuilt from the data. 

All the data is stored or transmitted to a 'receiver rebuilder'. 

Using a stockpile of all atom types, and by running the above process in reverse, the original mass can be recreated. and then unfrozen. (unfreezing living organic mass is still mostly future technology)

Some uses: 
 Removing, storing something unwanted.

eg instead of prison, 'microdot' offender.

(ok this use is very radical)

Travelling to other planets.

Put a 'receiver rebuilder' on a planet, and transmit data to it.


Tiny bots could be ‘sprayed' throughout the universe.

The bots are programmed to build 'receiver rebuilders’.

This way mankind could spread throughout the universe, even after Earth dies out.

Reproducing units. 

Transmit to multiple 'receiver rebuilders’ at the same time.

This 'atomic level' cloning process will enable the cloning of people with existing memories!

Normal cloning will never achieve this.

Multiple versions of the same person with the same memory (up to the point of reproduction), will all see themselves as if they were the original person, and legally would be, (if this form of reproduction were allowed).

Cloning of inorganic objects is also possible this way.


For mass producing atomic level computer chips, or extremely high density data storage etc.

Data compression:
Using the Matter Transfer (as mentioned above) is very slow, due to the incredibly huge amount of data needed to transfer. So data compression will become important.


This may include 'predictable sample algorithms where under certain circumstances it can be predicted what data will come next.


There may initially be ways of sending the data at a lower resolution,
eg. atomic, molecular, cellular, or multiples of.


To transfer some inanimate objects, very low-res techniques may be fine. It wouldn’t be advisable, but may be interesting to see the results of a human transferring at a lower res.


I’m guessing that memories and some thought processes would be affected.

Going through the process of being reproduced, would feel no different to going to sleep and waking up somewhere else.

With (worst possible scenario), the possibility that nothing from your past life still existed.

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