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Icons and Interfaces

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osx icons

- Jewellery & Sunken Sphere OSX & iOS icons -

All icons and interfaces are hand-crafted completely within Photoshop by Dragon Tongue

click on a thumbnail to see the full-sized image.


Creating the Icons: 

All my icons were created in Photoshop using multiple Layer Effects.

Some of my icon files have many hundred layers!
It's a good thing icons are so small... trying to do this on larger images would even bog down an Apple! 

I quite enjoy making icons that have a 3Dness to them...

I like icons to look or feel real, but I still like to push boundaries...

which is why I created a number of icon series that instead of sitting on the desktop, sank into it.

I hadn't seen it done before... So I tried it and liked it.

I think I have just about got the sunken icons out of my system now. =)​

Pounamu (greenstone) OSX icons

Pounamu & Paua OSX icons

SteamPunk v2 sunken sphere icons

SteamPunk v2 were designed
for the iOS interface

More SteamPunk v2 icons

Even more SteamPunk v2 icons

Glass coated,
pottery sunken spherical OSX icons

Glass coated,
chrome sunken spheres for OSX

Chrome spheres,
embedded into the OSX desktop

Glass coated, blue pottery, sunken spheres, with red paint reveals

Glass coated, blue pottery, sunken spheres, with flesh coloured overlays,
inspired by the Pukeko bird.

Glass sealed, blue pottery, sunken spheres, with chromium overlays

ios Leather Steampunk theme

Four more SteamPunk v2 icons designed for the iOS interface


- DT Leather Steampunk iOS theme -

The DT Leather SteamPunk
loading page

The DT Leather SteamPunk
v2 sunken sphere icons

The DT Leather SteamPunk
v1 square icons

The DT Leather SteamPunk
Battery charge symbol

The SteamPunk Battery full-charge symbol before being installed

The SteamPunk Battery mid-charge symbol before being installed

more osx icons

Creating the iOS Summerboard Themes:

SteamPunk: I had seen quite a few Leather themes, but none of them had quite the look I wanted, So I started off making a classy Leather with Brass... but over time I started leaning more towards the weathered SteamPunk ideas.

My DT Leather SteamPunk beta theme converts practically all the generic interface images that most Apps on the iphone and ipodtouch use. And it has two full sets of icons, a square and (of course) the sunken brass spheres, that seem to suit it so well, plus a set of folder icons. This theme however was designed for iOS3.x and has quite a few holes in it on iOS4. or later.

The SteamPunk Battery low-charge symbol before being installed


- More icons -

iOS SteamPunk v2 icons

Random tan icons,
cut into the desktop

Random coloured icons,
cut into the desktop

Various icons:

Some more random icon ideas.
Here I tried out an idea where instead of the icons sitting on top of the desktop, they are carved INTO the desktop. 
I had previously tried this idea on a few kaleidoscope schemes.

Other random icons

Black Book icons

- The Little Black Book series of icons -