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I am driving a car containing a hovering bee. I apply the brakes. Would the bee move forward or remain at the same point in relation to the car? 


At first thought, my instinct was to put forward an opposing view… suggesting that the bee would move backwards, since all lighter than air objects would do so.


In case you don’t believe me, try carrying a helium balloon inside a car.

It will go backwards when you slow down, forwards when you speed up, left when you go left etc. 

The reason it does this, is that in the case of a ‘lighter than air’ passenger, AIR becomes the heavier object, so the air falls forward under braking, pushing the balloon backwards.


However, a bee is NOT lighter than air. A bee is heavier than air. It’s wings are working very hard to keep it in the air.


A bee under braking will move forward.


The car is braking, the bee is not.


(However, the bee will feel the air pushing from the front and will react quickly. Insect’s reaction times are generally very fast.)






What is red? (humorous) 


red is:

the opposite of un-red.


it lies at one end of the visible spectrum,

in the approximate wavelength range 740 - 620 nanometres falls on the retina.


If you’re smoking, it's the bit that helps make the cigarette lighter, and shorter, and it's at the other end.


if you're drinking it, it means you’re gonna be slower at work in the morning.


if you are painting the town in a lovely shade of it, then see the previous suggestion.


If you’re sitting at the traffic lights, it doesn’t mean go.


If an object looks it, it means that it has absorbed all the green from the visible spectrum,

and is reflecting only red light, hence its appearance.


If you’re leaking it, that is generally not good… unless it is that time again.


If you’re turning it, you’re embarrassed, or... in the sun too much.

(according to my Transylvanian handbook, don’t ever get in the sunlight!)


If your eyes are looking it, you haven’t been photoshopped yet.


if you are finding it under your bed, then you are either of the extremist ‘LEFT’ belief,

or your partner has been keeping a secret from you.


if you are finding yourself IN it… then your pockets are empty and LOTTO isn’t helping.


if you are seeing it… try counting to a bigger number than 10


if it is the colour of the light in your window, you may have a busy night ahead.


if it is the colour of your herring, ignore it.


I could go on…


but I think you may have red enough.






Does the sun cause earthquakes?



One of the lessons life teaches you, is that when something happens, it is normally caused by something...


and if two things happen at the same time, there is likely to be a connection.


Either one has caused the other... or something else has caused both.


eg: When an underground cable becomes faulty at the same time as a swarm of mosquitos fly by...

it is likely that the mosquitos didn't cause the cable fault...

but there may still be a connection.


When an underground cable goes faulty at the same time as a trench is dug in the ground by a machine digger...

it IS likely that the digger caused the cable fault...

and frightened the mosquitos.


and so...

when multiple earthquakes or volcanoes go off at the same time...

similarly, one MAY trigger the other...

but if that seems unlikely...

then it becomes more likely that they were all caused by the same thing...

something else.


And when a peak in volcanic and tectonic activity happens at the same time as a peak in sunspot activity...

it is likely that one has caused the other,

or something else has caused both.


If it is, in this case, something else...

then it must be something that we don't as yet know about.


If however, one has caused the other,

then it is more likely that the sunspot activity peak has trigger the earths activity,

than the other way around.


It is known that the sun swaps its magnetic poles each 11 years approximately.


The magnetic fields or flux lines within the sun, and convection currents, control the movement of material throughout the sun.


But it is the movement of this gas in the first place that creates the magnetic field.


As the sun spins, different layers/depths spin at different speeds, bending and twisting the magnetic fields, and the paths, that the gas material travels along.


Regularly, every so often, (every 11 years) the magnetic field lines stretch so far that they break, and reconnect to more direct, closer lines.


In the process of breaking and reconnecting, the regular magnetic field lines become temporarily quite random, causing the suns gases to be less controlled... causing sunspots and break away solar flares and prominences.


Once the field lines have reconnected (in the opposite direction), they take control of the gas movement again, and the sun settles down for another 11 years.


As the solar pole swapping happens, (as is happening right now), a peak in sunspot activity can be seen.


Because the spin within the sun happens at many layers, the outer layers very likely take longer to complete a revolution than the inner layers, and so, the inner layers of the magnetic field will break and reform at different rates... meaning that different depths of magnetic field will have different (but regular) intervals between their short 'confused' periods.


We can see the 11 year cycle quite easily, but there are many more longer (and possibly shorter) cycles that go unnoticed because of their depth within the sun.


But every so often, these cycles will sync up or coincide with each other...

creating a much larger combined peak in sunspot/solar flare activity.


Every indication is suggesting that we are heading right now, into one of these mega-peaks,

increasing solar activity and causing a period of more extreme randomness within the sun, and within the solar system.


All the planets are temporarily becoming warmer than normal.


Earth is warmer than normal, causing more extreme weather...

and increasing the geothermal activity around the globe.


(In particular noticeable around the ring of fire).


This increase is expected to peak towards the end of 2012, beginning of 2013...

and then taper back down to normal again.


To return 11 years later.


Expect more extreme volcanic activity, and major plate movement, and uncharacteristically extreme weather, world-wide.


Also expect the possibility of solar flares causing some degree of the following:

global loss of telecommunication, loss of power, loss of electronic equipment, loss of satellites.

The resultant effects expected could include:

Loss of all electronic and digital data,

collapse of financial system,

collapse of social communication and structures,

loss of digital knowledge,

loss of... the world as we know it.



more likely...

we will see nothing more than pretty auroras in our skies.

As the sun continues doing what it has always done...

keeping us alive and warm.






How advanced can life become?

hyper advanced life:

In order from simple, to more complex:

  • Single cell (no communication) [never]

  • Multi cell (cell to cell chemical information shared) [days, weeks, months]

  • Veined multi cell (plasma, lymph, blood transport of information between cells) [minutes, hours]

  • Nervous system (electrical communication) [micro second] us

What is the next hyper life form?

It will internally communicate faster than us, and may use light, or even quantum entanglement.

Its ‘body’ may also span multiple planets or galaxies.

Its light energy may also have some sort of ‘tractor beam’ type effects, where it could manipulate matter with light.

If a life form of this speed ever met us, any confrontation between us, would be over before we knew it began.

And in the same way that we don’t regard plants or fungi as life worth communicating with, they wouldn’t even notice us… or care.

And arguably, neither should they.






Is there any role of spin in continental drift?

Depends what you mean by spin… are you referring to the spin of the planet?

It has been suggested by many that the cyclic currents of magma beneath the earths crust, controls the movement of the continents.

And I have to agree that there is some influence from the magma currents.

But, my personal belief is:

If you trace continental drift backwards, all the continents were together as one.

Back then, the planet had land (pangaea) on one side of the planet, and water (the pacific) on the other.

The theory is that (before continental drift, and life on Earth as we know it), as a result of a glancing blow from another large planet, earth’s shell was left shattered and unbalanced.


A large chunk was removed, the wound filled with water and became the Pacific Ocean.


The removed chunk became the Moon.

The planet spins like a top, but because it was half land and half water… it was unbalanced.

With the Continental Crust floating on the inner magma… over time, the planet balances itself, by spreading the floating continents further apart.

The planet spin causes a contrapuntal/centrifugal force within the molten magma and continental plates, spreading them around the equator.

The continents move towards more evenly distributed balance points around the planet.


And if you look, you can see that this is what is happening.


The smaller oceans and seas spread apart, while the larger Pacific closes up.

The wounds on the Pacific Ocean floor are very different from all the other splits between the major land masses.


The others show how they have evenly split at their central trench, as they repeatedly drift apart, opening a crack which fills with molten lava and sets under the cooling waters.

The only exemption to this appears to be India, which for some reason has shot northwards with huge force…

Either due to an anomaly within the planet’s magma, or as a result of some unknown external force.

So yes, the spin has influenced the continental drift movement.






If humans move to a centripetal space station, how would airplanes fly inside?

There won’t be planes (as we know them) in man-kinds Centripetal Space Station (CSS).

Too high risk.

There are many major differences between this manmade space place, and earth.

On Earth, everything was added after the planet.

On the CSS, everything can be built in, at the time of construction.

A CSS will typically have a revolving ring shaped wheel, spinning on its axis.

Either the whole area inside the ring will be sealed to hold in a breathable atmosphere, or a smaller layer (on the axis side) inside the ring will.

There may be ‘spoke’ like structures along the outer edge, or centre of the ring, 
or a raised area on the inner edges of the ring will merge into a (possibly) transparent skin to retain the atmosphere. The elite may live in the raised areas, having better views.

The body of the ring itself will house most living and work-spaces, with built in transportation, (most likely some form of electromagnetic vacuum tubes).

There is unlikely to be transport within the contained atmospheric area, or on the inner surface of the ring.

This inner face would be retained for vegetation, recreation, and farming only. (perhaps even some wildlife).

Some part of the CSS will not be revolving.


Whether it be attached to the hub (like the fork of a bike) or another ring within the ring.


For any external communication, study of the universe, consistent view of neighbouring space, or form of propulsion (other than along the axis), there needs to be a non-revolving section.

So now, the likely alternatives to airplanes and their bulky airports:

1: The most interesting is likely to be spoke type lifts, where you can be lifted up from anywhere on the surface, rotated, and lowered again somewhere else, using very little energy. Transport from anywhere to anywhere, taking the same amount of time, no matter the distance.

2: transportation built into the ring, (most likely some form of electromagnetic vacuum tubes)

3: or down through the body of the ring to the outside. Then a sealed electromagnetic rail type system travelling around the outside of the ring. Then back up through the body.

4: or another interesting one, a non-rotating ‘shim’ sitting within or beside the continuously rotating ring. You simply step in or out of the ‘shim’. Multiple shims could offer multiple speeds.






How does memory work?

Imagine this metaphor… 
The brain is a forest.
 Memories are linked by interconnecting paths, the more a path is used, the clearer the path becomes.
When a path is unused, it will grow over... the memory will fade.

If a path becomes damaged or blocked, continuing to try to get through the damaged area may never work, while finding another path to the memory, can be a much easier solution.

This could be used to retrieve lost memories, return speech to stroke victims, and cure stuttering.






Could aluminium laptops give you Alzheimer's? And if so, is there a cure?

Alzheimer's Whacky Idea:

I thought of this while sitting at my apple laptop. Where my hand rests against the aluminium body, holes have appeared in the surface. Is this the result of reverse electroplating, friction, or body acids?

I don't know... but the point is, it sparked an idea.

If it is reverse electroplating (electrolysis), where has the aluminium gone?

It has been found that Alzheimer's patients have aluminium in their brains.

How does it get there and can it be cured easily?

I have a possible answer.

The sun heats things, increasing atomic level energy levels.

This must create a small potential energy difference between warmer and less warmer areas.

This could equate to a small electrical potential difference.

Humans evolved on planet earth, under the sun, with bare feet almost always touching the ground.

Did early humans get Alzheimer's?

Did they live long enough to know?

If the sun was continually warming up the heads of humans, or for any other naturally occurring reason (heat rising), humans heads are warmer than human feet, then this could suggest a slight electrical potential difference between the top and bottom of a standing human.

Added to this, any electrical charge across a human body would naturally be earthed out through the soles of its feet... to Earth.


Without any evidence I will put forward the possibility of an inverted charge in the air around us.

What I mean by this is that the surface of the earth is often warmer that the air above it, creating a potential temperature/energy/electrical difference between earth and the air.

So... any current that is "induced" in the human body, from head through feet to Earth, is counterbalanced by another current from Earth to the air to the human head, creating a circuit.

The human body evolved in this environment.

As humans became "civilised", they put on clothes and shoes.

Shoes created an insolation that stopped the natural circuit.

So, if the current in the air is moving a charge from earth up into the air around the human head, but the body is now unable to discharge back to earth (in the way that it is used to) because of the insolation effect of shoes, could this result in metals that would normally be removed (by a form of natural electrolysis in the body), being left in the "higher pole of the body" (the head), or brain?


If the aluminum buildup in the brain is the cause of Alzheimer's .... Then surely by using a gentle electrolysis system across the length of the body (from head to feet) might remove the metallic deposits from the brain.

The most practical technique that I can imagine at the moment would be to create a mild electromagnetic field beneath the head of a sleeping Alzheimer's sufferer, and another opposing field beneath the feet, to create an induced current through the body from head to feet.

potential negative side effects:

This may result in triggering various cancers if the current is too high.

The difficulty in using the possible cure is finding a balance of current level that is high enough to (long term) move via electrolysis the aluminum from the brain, while keeping the current level low enough to avoid the possibility of cancer triggers.






If computers take most of our tasks, what will humans be left to do?

One possibility is:

Computers will eventually take over most jobs that require a lot of thinking, and on the other end of the scale, most jobs that require a lot of physical energy. This will leave an ever shrinking band of jobs in the middle. 
Societies expectations will have to change to accept that unemployment is the norm, and doesn’t carry a negative stigma. For this to work Social and Financial structures would need to adapt to a system where everyone is given enough finances to live ‘comfortably’, plus enough for the hobbies that everyone will have to take up, to pass the time.

The world will be run by machines, or AI. They will be programmed to do what is ‘best’ for Mankind, and because they were originally programmed by Humans, they will be programmed to make a profit. As a result, they will control and limit the Human population, to a level that is sustainable, and affordable. Man will lose control, (if he ever had it), but will quickly adapt to these new conditions and limitations. One of mankind skills is the ability to ride through change without realising the hugeness of what has gone on around him, or noticing the scale of change that he is living through. Mankind, under AI control, is likely to be the happiest it has ever been.

It is also likely, that there will become a blurring between AI and mankind, as the two become one. An ‘assimilation’ type process is likely to occur, as Man uses more and more enhancements, until Man becomes unrecognisable. 
A little like an Axe, that replaces the head, then replaces the handle. is it still the same axe? 
Or maybe similar to one of the possible ways that Neanderthal and modern Human combined. The big strong Neanderthal males could have been very attractive
tothe modern human females. Their ability to protect them may have been very convenient in that time, and so, instead of modern humans wiping outneanderthal, the neanderthal became so popular, that they were bred out of existence. Neanderthals do still exist. But only as a small percentage of us. 20% of neanderthal DNA has survived in Modern Humans, although only about 2% of Modern Human genetic material is Neanderthal.

So, will we survive? That is likely to be a matter of interpretation.






How can osteoporosis be reduced in astronauts?

Osteo in Space 
Bones lose strength in zero gravity.
Bones sense vibrations ... vibrations stimulate growth.

Tapping fingernails onto a desktop will stimulate stronger nail growth.
This is an evolutionary response. Many parts of the body are designed to react to environmental stimulus.
Bones sense vibrations and pressure as a threat to their structure
.Fewervibrations, suggest less threat, therefore no need to maintain structural strength. 
In zero gravity, there are practically zero self-produced vibrations.

In normal gravity, bones receive percussive stimulation from walking, and gravitational stress in the direction of required strength, from standing.

There is a simple inexpensive (zero gravity) way to reproduce the percussive stimulation required for normal gravitational strength:
Put speakers in the soles of the footwear, facing up into the feet.
Vibrations from outside the normal hearing range can be used without distraction, plus musical sub-bass channels, plus all voices (or any
soundsfromnear user) can be added to foot channel, plus 'octave splitter' technology can be used to create sympathetic (non distracting) lower harmonics.






Why do our senses only detect changes?

I believe that Nature knows best ... (Im not saying that it cant be improved on.. but.)

All our senses detect only change... If a sound stops changing... we stop hearing it. If a texture stops moving... we stop feeling it... if a smell is constant... we don't notice it.. etc. This applies to all senses.

I believe there is a good reason for this.

The reason we only notice things when they change.. is because .. without any change... it ceases to be.

Now that sounds pretty radical. but that is because we judge everything by our own experience... and in Our experience.. nothing has ever ceased to change Totally... so it doesn't cease to be. 
It doesn't cease to 
be Totally... because of the greatest force of all... (possibly)... Inertia.







Everybody spends their entire life loading knowledge into their storage device (or brain),
and at the end of their life, it all gets thrown away?

Everybody spends their entire life loading knowledge into their storage device (brain).

At the end of your life it gets thrown away.

A time will come when this wasteage is no longer acceptable, or the norm.

A way must be developed to share or collect or pass on this knowledge and memories.


II Eleven  -  Hell Heaven



13 is often regarded as a special/secret/evil number for some reason.

I couldn’t see why.

So I wondered, if a number should be seen as different, or didn’t belong, Which number would it be.

I decided on the number 11.

1 -10, 2 - 20, 3 - 30, etc

5 + 10 = 15 - fiv -teen

4 + 10 = 14 - four -teen

3 + 10 = 13 - thuree -teen

2 + 10 = 12 - twol -ve

1 + 10 = 11 - ell -evin?    nope, doesn’t fit.


So I looked at inventing its origin and original meaning.

I suggest that 11 was originally a rune, a little like this: 






Similar to the same way that 5 can be sometimes counted as 4 vertical strokes with a stroke through them.

I suggest that the letter H could also have come from this same rune.


The meaning of this rune could been ‘between’, ’earth’, ‘here’ ’middle’, or ‘normal’, or perhaps even ‘home’. It could also have had other meanings related to ‘between bad and good’, or ‘between here and there’, or ‘between down and up’.

The rune would have originally been a graphical symbolic representation of its meaning, being two simple arrows, one pointing down and the other pointing up, looking somewhere between this  —l and this  l l 

So the rune says ‘down-up’. 

But it means so much more than ‘down-up’ or ‘below-above’.

It actually says ‘Hell-Heaven’.

and in doing so, means Hell and Heaven, or between Hell and Heaven is Here, or this place called Earth, or between bad and good.


The fact that it looks a little like an H is not coincidence.

It may well have looked exactly like an early H. 

In fact the letter H probably had the same meaning, originally.


Is it a coincidence that both Hell and Heaven start with an H?

and if the symbol for ‘Hell - Heaven’ looks like an H, then the H in the words Hell and Heaven become redundant. So if you remove the H’s from both words you are left with ell - eaven, or eleven.

And so, the symbol that means ‘between Hell and Heaven’, is pronounced ‘eleven’.

How eleven found itself between ten and twelve, I have no idea… 

other than the sky is where all 12 of the zodiac symbols live, and perhaps there is an early connection between 10 and below earth.














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