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No sign of Aliens
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Why have we seen no sign of intelligent life in the universe?


Since evolution appears to be driven by 'survival of the fittest' (death of the weakest), life must have universally evolved to become greedy and selfish, and designed to wipe out any competition.


Intelligent life, once it realizes that it is not alone in the universe, quickly learns to hide... or is wiped out.


Evolutionary Tipping Point

The primary Law of Evolution suggests that survival of the fittest, death of the weakest, aggressiveness, is inherent in all life.


However, there is another lesser know law, survival of the most compatible, empathetic, or most willing to work with others.


There is a tipping point for all life... a point at which it becomes capable of destroying itself.


All superior life must go through this point or perish.


Mankind is just reaching this point now.


All life that is driven by aggressiveness more than empathy, will not grow beyond the tipping point.


Very few alien lifeforms make it.


Any superior life (not of this world) that we might ever encounter, must be driven MORE by empathy than aggression.


We will soon find out, which WE are.


And any neighbouring superior peaceful alien life, is sitting by quietly, also waiting to see which we are.




Passive aggression - Expansion by stealth (and slight of hand)


This suggests that any aliens we meet will have developed techniques of cooperation, within their species and subgroups (if they exist) and very likely will have developed advanced techniques for dealing with foreign or alien life.


They are not likely to try to dominate by attack or aggressive means...


They will advance their growth by a more passive, empathetic, cooperation... (and slight of hand.)


They must also have developed ways to cope with other aggressors.


When a passive species meets an aggressive alien species, they will attempt to join with them.


But to join with an aggressive species or nation, without being attacked, the only safe way is to 'not be noticed'...


and so...


an advanced alien race, when encountering an aggressive species, must either emulate the appearance of the aggressor... or somehow make the two species appear to be the same species.


To do this, they will either change their own look and/or social habits to match the aggressor...

or find a way to modify the aggressor over time, to look like them.


Once the appearance, and social habits, and DNA are similar enough...

they can continue their expansion within the other species.


So, instead of fighting an enemy, they merge with them, and become the enemy.


Then, by sharing their DNA and gene pool... they (with the other species as well), can take the next step and evolve forward, as a much larger and superior race... looking for the next species to merge with.


The Bible is quoted as saying that 'God created man in his own image'... is this an example of such a merger?




My point is...

If we ever encountered a superior alien race... we wouldn't know it.


The only evidence that we might find... would be a sudden increase or change in the history of our DNA.


As has been found a few times in our own.


(There are examples in the Human history, where dna has just appeared, and not mutated or evolved from an earlier version.)


This could also explain why our species has both aggressive and co-operative traits.


An advanced species will have only co-operative symptoms...

until they merge with an aggressor.


We have both.






Can we actually build a flying saucer?


I don’t know… 

Lets try:

To make an anti-gravity flying saucer (UFO)


Two horizontal gyroscopes spinning inside a disk-shaped body, in opposite directions.


The spinning portions need to have mass... the more mass the better.


They spin extremely fast.


Why they fly:

Planets have two main forces...


Gravity pulling down,


and contrapuntal trying to continue on in a straight line (related to inertia)


Without gravity, an object on the surface of a spinning planet will tend to continue on in a straight line, instead of curving around with the planet.


And so, from the point of view of the planet... the object will appear to rapidly fly upwards.


In a gyro with a lot of mass and speed, the inertia of will increase at right angles to the plane of the gyro.

The faster the gyro, the greater the force of inertia.

In other words, the greater the desire to stay the same, (or go neither up or down) along the plane of the spinning gyros. 

As Earth spins, everything sitting on the surface of the planet curves along with the planet's surface.


The gyros will not want to curve with the planet.

The gyros WILL want to continue moving at the same speed as the planet spins.


The inertia will over-come the force of gravity and lift the disk...

At full strength, it will continue to lift straight up in the air.

At a lesser strength, it will appear to float.


The disk may be moved by an external force in the direction of the gyros plane...

its horizontal mass will feel normal (directly related to its real weight)


The disk will resist external forces up or down... it's vertical mass will feel immense.


A great weight may be placed on it... or taken off... and it will not appear to move up or down at all.


So, will this work?


You tell Me.






Is it possible that aliens are just future humans?




Almost anything could be possible, although some things are less likely than others.

Aliens, UFO’s, ancient aliens, etc, could be the missing time-travellers from the future that never seemed to exist.


Assuming any of those are real. And it is never a good idea to assume things.


On time travel… most forms of time travel into the future, are not actually time travel.

Most of them are really just modified versions of travel.


And there are many ways to do this.

As yet, there don’t appear to be any good ideas on how to achieve time travel into the past.


So to achieve it would involve some thinking in a new direction.


It may be impossible, or just simply beyond what humans at this stage are capable of comprehending…


or it could be really simple, but we just haven’t figured it out yet.


or perhaps, we are doing it all the time, and don’t even know it.


who knows, maybe one day we will find out.






What am I supposed to know about aliens?

I guess the one thing that we should know about aliens… 
the one obvious thing… 
with a big clue in their name… 
is that they are not us!

…or are they?




How would you describe humans to aliens in just 3 words?


Not ready yet




Future Humans
What do I know?
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