from Scott Spensley
aka Dragon Tongue of HOHM Studios

a preview of Fonts to come


Fonts inspired by Papyrus and Countryside SSi:


Add serifs to Paperside:
The PaperType font


Papyrus styling and Countryside SSi proportions:
The Paperside font

Papyrus styling and Countryside SSi proportions:
The Paperside font


Handwriting and Script fonts

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the Nib font

the Jazline font


Hand drawn Period fonts

HOHM Studios Foundry:

Dragon Tongue from New Zealand, is the overall designer of all HOHM Studios fonts.

The concept and name for this Studio was conceived around 50 years ago, to be a source of new music and graphic design ideas.

The original very basic font and logo for HOHM studios was hand carved into reality at the same time.

The first real high quality digital font from this studio was created around 20 years ago. It was a digitised version of the Dragon’s wife’s calligraphy. It was stunningly good, and admired by all who saw it.  

It was never released to the public.

Sadly, after the dragon’s wife passed away from cancer, and multiple hard-drive crashes, the font was lost, and there are no versions of it remaining.

HOHM Studios shut down for a period of time, but recently, with extra spare time created by Covid and lockdowns… the Studio has re-awoken, and is focused totally on creating exciting new fonts, in multiple styles. 

Some of the current style directions are, Serif and San-Serif, Handwriting and script, hand drawn period, Art-Deco to 80’s, from serious high quality to funky and fun, extending the range of known font styles, and exploring modern adaptable fonts. using contextual ligatures and Stylistic alternatives, swashes and ‘smart’ letters that adapt to their neighbours and position in a word or sentence.

We aim to craft fonts that feel ‘clever’, as if it knows what the writer wants of it. Fonts that add a little bit more than a standard font does. In some cases, fonts that feel natural and alive.

the Elegant Hand font

the Drawn font


Art Deco fonts


the Decrapulous Motel font

the Decopolis Hotel font

the Decopolis Hotel font


80's Fun fonts

the Stoner Toon font

the Stoner Toon font

the Sticky  Stones font


San-Serif 'Roger'


the Roger One font

the Roger One font

the  Roger Flare font


Skiart related

the Skiart font

the Skiart Serif One font

the Skiart Serif font

the Skiart Serif Lexicon font

the Skiart Reversed font


to come:

san serifs

the Lythmore font

the Cocoon font


fun fonts


the Portal font

the Stitches font

the Portal Pin Path font


the Squished Stuff font




Coupyrus was inspired by the proportions of Papyrus

and the form of Countryside SSi,

neither of which are HOHM Studios fonts.


Paperside script was inspired by the form of Papyrus

and the proportions of Countryside SSi,

neither of which are HOHM Studios fonts.


PaperType evolved by growing serifs

onto the script Paperside.







A sans-serif font that varies in weight,

as a serif font might.
Skiart Serif:
The same font, with some tiny serifs added.
Skiart Serif One:
The same font, with small serifs
and a more organic line.
Skiart Serif Lexicon:
The same font, with larger serifs similar to 'Lexicon', (the second most expensive font in the world).
Skiart Reversed:
The same font, backwards.


Roger One:

A simple san-serif made of perfect straight lines and circles.

Roger Flare:

The same font with flared ends and a touch of Goth.



A smooth wide san-serif made with a tailored ellipse.



Similar in overall style to 'Lythos' but also includes a lowercase, (which Lythos never has).

To Be continued