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to kill God?
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Would it be possible to kill God?


Everyone else answering this question so far has answered with variations of ‘No’… 
But I am going to have to disagree.


Since Man has existed, there have been a huge number of Gods.

And a large number of them, at the time, were ‘The One True God’. 

And yet, most of them have faded into the past. 

Many beyond known memory, and long forgotten. 

For all intents and purposes, they are now dead, since they cease to exist anywhere in today's world. 

And others are waiting to follow a similarly faded path.


These Gods weren’t killed by any particular act or intent. 

They were in fact, killed by the opposite. 

The lack of an act or intended act,


The lack of thought or desire or memory.

Caused through the dilution of belief, and the distraction of focus on a singular direction of thought, have seen an untold number of Gods come and go.


They were all killed by Time.


There are a number of Gods that still exist today, 
and most of those that follow them, believe their Own God to be that One True Singular Everlasting and Only God.

Right this very second they believe this, just as those, (many thousands of years ago), also believed,

with all of their soul, that they were following the correct path.


A follower cannot see the future death of their belief and purpose in life. 


They cannot accept that something they have spent their life believing in, could be anything other than right.

They cannot comprehend how anything so central to life itself could ever cease to exist. 

But over and over, it has happened to them all. 

The past is nothing more than a reflection of the future. 

What has happened before will happen again.


Everything that exists today, will be wiped out by the length of the immeasurable…


Including all the Gods of our time. 

Just as they were in the past.


They will all be killed by Time. 

The sheer weight of its vastness crushes all that have been before, and those that are still yet to be.


Time itself has an inertia that resists change. 

So much so, that the path of the past flows directly into the path of the future, unchanged.


Mankind exists as nothing more than a mere point in the shadow of a footprint on that path. 

And once we have gone, so also will Our Gods go with us.


Time is…
The one thing that we all travel through, even when not moving. 

The one thing that came before, and will still exist after, everything else.


And so, is it possible to kill God? 

No, not by any one of us. or by any weapon we could devise.

But by or in time? 

Yes, without a shadow of a doubt.




Were we made in our own image?


to be made in our own image


intelligent design, suggests a superior force or being, such as a 'God', created us.


as we have been often told… "In his own image".


but the question should be… if 'God' created us… who created 'God'…


and who created them… and them… and...


Perhaps the clue is in the words… 'in his own image'.


why is man made in the image of God?


perhaps the answer is more important than we think.


perhaps we were made… to be in His image.


perhaps, that was WHY we were made.


to be in His own image.


If an entity (whether it be a multiple or singular existence) is powerful enough, and advanced enough, to create a species such as us, (or one that eventually becomes us), and to create the life around us, and possibly even the environment on this planet… as 'God' has 'apparently' done.


Then it is likely to have a very good understanding of space and time and dimensions.


And… there must be an even more advanced creator, who created that creator!… and that one. etc. etc.


Unless… God wasn't created.


What if… God, the existence that created us, was created by none other, than itself…

and creating us… was an essential part of that process.


What if, developing the ability to go back in time, was an essential part of the process.


To go back (far enough) in time, to enable the creation of us.


What if… 'God', the species of super-advanced humanoids…

(and we know god is humanoid because he has said in his book that we were created in his image.)

What if He created us, to grow into the future, to advance our knowledge to such a degree that WE become God!


to cross time


It then becomes essential that God creates us…


and that we be in the image of god


so that we may one day become god…


or else…


god would never exist…


and therefore…


neither would we.






A new concept for the Creation of Man?


A new concept for the Creation of Mankind:


When looking at the concept of creation, very rarely do we ever look at it from the point of view of Why.


Why would a 'God' want to create us?


We can find a possible answer, if we look at it from the point of view of 'God'.


To travel anywhere in space takes time... a lot of time.


So much time that it is not practical to do it.


Jumping through worm-holes and time-warps is science fiction.


Any advanced life-form will need to travel and spread itself across the universe to ensure survival.


And it will want to do it as fast as possible... preferably within its own life span.


Multi-generational space-travel is destined to fail,

since most of the travellers are never going to achieve their goal.


This does not leave many options.


Using planetary electro-magnetic propulsion on nano-bots, they can be flung out far and wide,

rapidly, hunting for planets.


(Electric charges in a magnetic field, spin)


If the magnetic field is around a large planet, tiny electrically charged bots can be accelerated around the planet to achieve near light speed. turning off their charge will release them from orbit.)


If you were looking for planets to live on, you might be searching for nearly identical planets to your home planet.


This could take a long time.


Depending on your reason for reaching out into the stars, you may not have the luxury of such a long time.


Particularly if you were out-growing your planet, or if it was dying, or some disaster was fast approaching.


So let's assume that 'God' needs a new home... and fast.


The best, fastest option for this advanced 'god' species, is to not limit their searches to only similar planets...

on the other hand, populating and trying to revive a dead planet is not an option either.


The best, fastest way to survive in space, is not to change the worlds to suit you,

but is to adapt yourself to suit the world that you find yourself on.


So the bots are sent out, searching for any planets with existing life on them.


They then choose a donor advanced life form from that planet, and sample its DNA.


Let's call this 'DNA Minor'.


DNA data of the advanced 'God' life form, from their home planet, is then broadcast at the speed of light,

out to the bots on the new planets.


Let's call this 'DNA Alpha'.


The DNA is then combined so that Minor DNA has Alpha DNA added to it, creating a New hybrid DNA.


The New hybrid DNA is designed to have an increased brain capacity...


(A larger brain capacity is needed, because the following part of this process, involves the memories and knowledge of individuals from the original God species, being transmitted in data form, from the home planet to the new planet bots, to be downloaded into the New hybrid brain.)


The New hybrid is designed to mostly function in the same way that the Minor species did...

so that it is fully pre-adapted to its environment, gravity and atmosphere.


As mentioned above, the memories and knowledge of God individuals are sent to the bots and loaded into the brains of newly grown hybrids.


But to ease the adjustment of the personality whose memories and knowledge have been installed into this new brain, other cosmetic changes are made to the appearance of the New hybrid, so that it looks to be more 'in Gods own image'.


Minor + Alpha = New hybrid


M+A=N  ...MAN... in Gods image.


If ones memories and knowledge are to continue on in a new body... the survival of the older body becomes less essential to the individual... since we are, nothing more than our memories and experiences.


And so, this form of transference of self, becomes an acceptable option, particularly if the older self is nearing death.


The original God Parent species may have died out... or not...


It may have re-populated/transferred itself onto millions of planets,

hybridising and upgrading millions of life forms...

each of them becoming in Gods own image, in their own way...

each the same, related to each other, and yet very different.


Each perfectly suited to their own planets.


A large portion of the universe may have become populated and 'upgraded',

by the same small handful of individuals from the original species.


All of them from the same source... but now, very likely isolated, and forgotten,

with little or no memories of their own origins.


On first arriving in their new bodies, much adaptation must have been required.


Their knowledge was used and passed on, but over the thousands of generations...

we have all forgotten where we came from, and why we are here.


a superior species... scattered and lost in space.


a superior knowledge... lost in the past.


a distant alien... lost here on Earth... in us.


It is possible that the hybrid was originally designed to live much longer...


enabling much of what was required to create the first societies...


but over so many generations, the hybrid has reverted to a shorter lifespan,

(similar to the donor species)...


providing adaptability to the changing conditions and diseases.


As the longer life spans died out....


the shorter life spans survived.

As has been written in the Big Book.



In our Own Image
Creation of Man
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